The Vacillating Decision

The Vacillating DecisionImage Courtesy - Michael Burrows on One single thought light up the mind and begins to weave a net before being slowly outmanoeuvred by another one.  This time, it feels as if this is final and the mind has decided for itself, but the pattern is broken again; another thought crops up … Continue reading The Vacillating Decision


LifeImage Courtesy - Gabriel Hohol on Life The carefree ride to the countryside reinvigorated the tired soul as the memories of the past rushed back wildly overwhelming his mind but still bringing solace and peace. “I have grown so old,” thought Raman as images of a younger him running on the dirt road with … Continue reading Life

The Fleeting Conflict

The Fleeting ConflictImage Courtesy - Steve Johnson on ‘Why is it troubling you so much,’ asked Akash, the ash on the cigarette was about to fall off, but he continued watching it through the thick lens of his new glasses, the fingers smelled of smoke, as he dropped it off, and nonchalantly burned the … Continue reading The Fleeting Conflict


JalebisImage Credit - sarayu P on “How old are you,” asked the old, bearded man to a young boy roaming alone in the market. The boy taken aback by this unexpected inquiry stretched his eyebrows; he was scanning the marketplace, his eyes especially stuck on the hot jalebis, when this sudden question popped out … Continue reading Jalebi

The Revolution

The RevolutionImage Courtesy - cottonbro studio on “Another revolution completed, and another year gone by,” quipped Prakash, as he and Jay clink their glasses, their eyes staring at the illuminated city which they watched from their room up above the hills. “Yes, but I always wonder…,” Jay began speaking but was forced to pause, … Continue reading The Revolution

The Other Life

The Other LifeWritten about two and a half years ago. Published now. Based on a prompt! Image Courtesy - stayhereforu on The anxiety clings like a terminal disease refusing to lighten its heavy load even for a moment.  The eyes droop, and the shoulders slide every time the mind thinks of an uncertain future. … Continue reading The Other Life

The Likes and the Comments

The Likes and the Comments “There is a possibility of thundershowers and intermittent rainfall for today and for the next two days.  The weather will remain damp and cold with sunshine, expected to return from the weekend,” announced the newsreader. This was the first time he was free on the weekdays after the leaves which … Continue reading The Likes and the Comments

The Last Wish

The Last WishImage Credit - Loonie Loveloonies on The motorcycle was keeping pace with the increasing intensity of the downpour; the small drops of the drizzle tingling the face till now, have suddenly turned aggressive, beginning to slap the cheeks harder, even preventing the eyes from keeping open. The hands, however, continued pushing the … Continue reading The Last Wish

The First Cuppa

The First Cuppa Image Courtesy - “Yes, yes, carry on….on the left, on the left, yes, yes,” the friendly instructions helped Aditi, park her car at the perfect spot on a busy Monday morning right in front of her office. “Thank you bhaiyya,” she spoke with a large smile, as the sweaty Rickshaw puller … Continue reading The First Cuppa

The Challenge

The ChallengePhoto Courtesy - Tomu00e1u0161 Malu00edk on The night was long and tiring.  The exhausted eyes refused to open up even though the sun was hitting his face directly. The worn-out legs were unwilling to budge and bruised hands stayed close to the body as his mind felt helpless as the body pleaded for … Continue reading The Challenge