Once, on a trek in the Himalayas

It is 5 a.m in the morning and forcing oneself to come out of the sleeping bag at this time is always THE most difficult thing to do in an early morning trek.  It was freezing outside with less than -5 degrees and everyone had to use the torch light to ensure they are putting … Continue reading Once, on a trek in the Himalayas


The last post of mine was on emotions and how mostly we act on their behest without even realizing it.  You enter a departmental store and want to just look around.  You don’t need to actually buy anything, it’s just that you were waiting for your spouse and thought of checking out some latest stuff … Continue reading EMOTIONAL DRIVERS PART-2

The Driver

She was sitting in the coffee bar having tea.  She didn’t order the coffee although coffee sounds much more romantic, cool and a very in beverage compared to tea.  However, the kind of contentment tea offers after that first sip can never be matched by coffee.  I know a lot of people won’t agree with … Continue reading The Driver

Emotional Aphasia – A short story

SHORT STORY – EMOTIONAL APHASIA Most of the incidents happening in our life seemed to occur when we are on the go and don't anticipate them.  Incidents which could leave us emotionally aphasic for a long time.  The memories just don't fade away but just sit still in one small corner of our heart or … Continue reading Emotional Aphasia – A short story