Irony – Life as we like it and Life as we want it to ‘Be”

The station was buzzing with people eager to reach back home after yet another tiring day of their work life when the loud blaring sound of the approaching train electrified their lethargic legs.  A lot of them were in such great hurry that they tried squeezing in, without even letting the one’s inside to de-board, resulting in a strange stalemate right in the middle of the train’s door with two human bodies jostling to make their way both, inside as well as outside the train.

There was a pair of eye keenly watching this spectacle from a distance as a part of his everyday life.  The daily struggle of people at the platform, jostling with each other to make their way inside or outside the train was something he would witness every day.  This was a moment to forget about his own melancholies and despairs of life for a temporary relief, which would last for few hours in the mornings and evenings of a normal weekday of every month. The hustle and bustle of these busy people would allow him to forget his own hunger and yearn for a better life and would put him on a momentary mental trip devoid of the thoughts of his misery.

What is your name? A sudden sound from the back broke his trance like concentration; he looked in that direction to find a woman, short in frame but stoutly built with an unusual sparkle in her voice and eyes.  What is your name, she asked again.  He was still quiet but maintained an eye contact while alternating his body weight between his right and left leg.  He was not used to answering questions like these especially coming from someone who he normally does not expect to talk to, and thus decided to wait a little more.  Unconsciously rubbing his big toe with the long one, he continued to stare at her with subtle gloominess.

She somehow could sense the edginess in the child and to gain his trust spread her hands while asking him to come closer.  He was still unsure of what to do but unconsciously leaned slightly towards the stranger as if warming up to her gestures.  There was a hint of slight smile as she made strange and funny faces to make him feel comfortable.  His body language further eased down as he took his first, very slow step towards her.  She was still prodding him to come closer using the fingers of his palm like a small little Chinese fan to indicate her desire to seem him in front of her.

He was now trying to take much longer strides but could not move faster as one of his leg was not fully touching the ground.  A close observation of his movements proved her fear as he was walking with a fractured leg.  However, he was now willingly trying to walk faster towards her and although his legs were not moving as fast as his mind, he was making good progress.

As he seemed just within touching distance of her, a hand suddenly lifted him off the ground with a loud voice reprimanding him for leaving his place.  It was probably his mother taking him back, and why mother, because the way she carried him, reflected expressions of pent up feelings, of both frustration as well as relief.

The woman kept standing there with her hands still spread, probably waiting for the boy to still somehow come towards her.  The expressions on her face changed completely as she watched the boy, being taken away.  Exploring her bag with her pale old hands, she took out the robot and chocolates she wanted to share with the child.  Someone from the crowd approached to ask if she needed any help, and as she nodded, the head to say No, the stranger did not even realized that she was tightly holding onto the picture of an infant child.

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