‘2’ secrets of new routines/habits

A lot of us may have heard the old adage, human being are creatures of habits.  Our brain is smart enough to understand where to take short cuts and use this information to minimize energy consumption while maximizing productivity. Habits are like shortcuts, helping us accomplish a task with limited resources while trying to conserve … Continue reading ‘2’ secrets of new routines/habits

7 Lessons during these 6 Weeks of Lockdown

  What Einstein told us almost 100 years back still holds true. Time is definitely relative; the realization hits us especially hard when the Internet speed defy our viewing capacity. Buying vegetables and grocery is as tough as using vlookup, hlookup, pivot charts and analytics. Every time we believe, we got it right; the boss … Continue reading 7 Lessons during these 6 Weeks of Lockdown

5 Common Biases you may have but don’t know about

5 Biases we all should know about If I have to define bias, I would say it is a personal invalid predisposition.  I welcome others to come up with a simpler definition though.  Five biases that I would like to reflect upon here are; Hindsight Bias – It is when we overestimate our own ability … Continue reading 5 Common Biases you may have but don’t know about

7 things -7 minutes – Stay Happy – Stay Positive

Here is a quick list of seven things you can do in a minute each to remain positive, improve productivity and relationships and feel contented.  It has been of great help to me and hope will help be of great help to you too; Focus on your breathing at least once in a day and … Continue reading 7 things -7 minutes – Stay Happy – Stay Positive

Be a Hero – Freeze

Today’s time has a number of parallels in history, which we as a human race encountered and ultimately triumphed. A number of tragedies when all seemed lost. The most common response attuned in us human beings is of - fight or flight.  However, there is one more response, which though not as popular as the … Continue reading Be a Hero – Freeze