7 things -7 minutes – Stay Happy – Stay Positive

Here is a quick list of seven things you can do in a minute each to remain positive, improve productivity and relationships and feel contented.  It has been of great help to me and hope will help be of great help to you too;

  1. Focus on your breathing at least once in a day and try to increase the time gradually. The benefits of being mindful even if done just once are immense.
  2. Chew – For starters, try to eat your meal (same portions) for a minute longer. This was something that my grandmother always used to tell me, to chew more.  As we reduce our physical activities, our bodies need to work hard to metabolize, and chewing for at least 10 seconds will not only make your stomach happy but will also reduce the food intake leading to greater benefits.
  3. Read at least one page, which will not take, more than a minute – For people who are regular readers, this may sound childish, but for someone starting afresh, this can be the start to a completely new habit. One page a day will turn into seven, in a week and a book in 6 months. An average human being reads less than a book in his entire lifetime, so this should be a great start.
  4. Talk to yourself – Just for a minute every day. Do this to question your established negative beliefs.  As you question more, you will realize you were worrying for something that has a questionable existence.
  5. Plan for a minute when you wake up – When you wake up in the morning, instead of picking up your mobile; ask yourself what one thing you would like to accomplish today which you can sleep with at night. Just a minute thinking this will change the way how you approach your day.
  6. Think for a minute before you begin your work – Reflect and prioritize.
  7. Laugh or Smile – If you cannot laugh, just smile for a minute. If that’s difficult too, for a minute straight, spread it 60 times over your entire day for a second each 🙂


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