7 Lessons during these 6 Weeks of Lockdown


  1. What Einstein told us almost 100 years back still holds true. Time is definitely relative; the realization hits us especially hard when the Internet speed defy our viewing capacity.
  2. Buying vegetables and grocery is as tough as using vlookup, hlookup, pivot charts and analytics. Every time we believe, we got it right; the boss finds a flaw.
  3. Delaying tasks becomes a habit when there is no definite time constraint. Procrastination comes up as a natural choice.
  4. What time you sleep is dependent on how many books are still left unread or how many more episodes are left in the season.
  5. Realization that we too can be creative is an eye opener. The number of messages circulating on whatsapp combined with experimentation with new recipe is a testament to this fact.
  6. We crave what we lack. Staying home which was a luxury a while back has quickly turned into punishment (for some).
  7. Last but not the least we all are nostalgic and if not everyone, I have gone through some of the old pictures to relieve those memories. Felt great.


Welcome to add yours in comments!!

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