5 Things we can do to Quit our bad Habits

Aristotle said something in 385 BC, which still holds true for us.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Thus, Excellence is a habit.

When I was young, I would continue to waste time in the bed even after waking up.  It was not that I was putting the alarm for five more minutes to sleep again but just lie there without leaving the bed. This continued for a long time and I realized I have been wasting away 30 minutes every day.  However, an amazing thing happened as I realized this because after that thought, I could not enjoy those 30 minutes and my mind kept reminding me for the waste of time that I was indulging in.  30 minutes in the bed then became excruciatingly painful and somehow a new habit of leaving the bed immediately began taking shape with which I am still adhering to.

Five learnings from my struggle with this bad habit;

  • It was painful to continue because I strongly believed what I was doing is wrong.
  • There was a constant reminder to get rid of the bad habit, as there would be this irritating self-talk going on my head on why I should get up quickly.
  • I also asked my mother to ensure I wake up; social pressure (environment) can help in changing our bad routines. (one more thing she did was switch off the fan J)
  • The will to change came from within, there was no external stimulus
  • The added enjoyment of the feeling of being in control helped in continuing with the new habit.

It is very easy for a bad habit to turn into an addiction and once that occurs the habit is tough to change.  Thus to avoid falling into an addiction, we better self-evaluate ourselves regularly and just like we weed out a garden to keep it healthy, a strong regimen followed to self-introspect can help us in quitting habits we don’t want to live with.

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