An excerpt from the book I wrote – From The Faraway Galaxy

We rather convert all matter into Quinons, something that your planet has not even thought of right now, in spite of your Large Hadron Collider working for so many earth years. So, to tell you, Quinon is the fundamental block of any matter and everything is made up of quinons. It’s neither string, nor quarks or higgs boson for that matter; it is the quinons which make up all the matter in this universe. Quinon is not available in a stable form; it is like a wave and to put it simply, Quinon as a term can be used interchangeably with energy. You people at earth took a long time to discover atoms, the fact that an electron revolves around something in the atom called nucleus and nucleons (namely the neutrons and protons). We found out that these nucleons are in fact very huge compared to quinons. As you might be aware of the fact that, protons and neutrons are made up of quarks, we could identify that quarks are made up of pro-quarks. Pro-quarks with a momentary life span are themselves composed of nano-quarks which are made up of panons.  Panons, we believed for a while to be the basic building blocks, before we upgraded our own particle accelerator and discovered Trenons and Chinons.  Finally, we were able to find out that these chinons are themselves made up of quinons which finally turned out to be the smallest possible unit of matter.  And, yes if you want to imagine their size and wish to attach a measurement to get a perspective on the size of a quinon, I can only say that they are billionth, billionth, billionth of Planck size.   A Planck as you know is 1.6*10-35, so you can imagine how a billionth, billionth, billionth of that would be like.  We at my place can reduce our size up to Planck’s length.

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