‘5’ Signs You are Alive and Kicking In This Current Situation

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The current phase of government enforced and self-imposed lockdown is entering its 3rd month and by now, most of us have developed our own unique ways of managing it.  I am writing about just a few things, which is not a comprehensive list, but just my limited assessment based on my imperfect observations, discussions and learning I gathered from other learned individuals, news channels and social media.

  1. From Ignoring to Hosting Webinars– The first few days of the quarantine were akin to a baby who just entered this world, trying to perceive the novelty of everything around her. A lot of us began by first ignoring these webinars and then rejecting them.  We took the first baby steps towards acceptance by attending them and now having whole-heartedly accepted them as the new reality, even hosted a few.


  1. Trying out something new – The social media is flooded with the creativity of people coming up with new and amazing things during this time ranging from creating awareness to generating business. The mystery around whether celebrities can also cook has finally been resolved as they outwitted one another to display their recipes and dishes to the ordinary people.


  1. Becoming Funny/Cracking jokes – People seemed to have suddenly discovered the subtle art humor as they go around praising the government for the lockdown and criticizing the industry for loss of jobs.


  1. Wants, Needs and Desires – What was a desire during the first week of the lockdown slowly changed to want and has now become a full-blown need. Here I am not referring to saloons or beauty parlors but the liquor stores.  The clamor to get these shops to open was so strong, the government had to heed to these demands even before the lockdown got over.


  1. Learning – What many people also realized is that schools, colleges and training institutions can operate from anywhere, all they need is just a laptop or a mobile with good internet connectivity. Then, you can learn even if you do not want to.  The pressure is so high, I myself enrolled for 2-3 online programs after seeing a constant stream of certificate of achievements of people on Facebook and Linkedin.


So, if you have been part of or did any of these activities during these past 3 months, Congratulations – you are certified an alive person who is happy and know the way around this quarantine life!

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