Six Ways You Can Identify If You Are a – PIC or PNIC

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We generally get what we look for.  Miners find diamonds where everyone else sees black coal.  Every situation we face in life also carries both diamonds and coals contingent upon what we try to find.  The current situation no doubt is challenging and we can’t ignore it by acting like ostriches digging our heads deep inside the ground and hoping for the storm to pass without hurting us.  That would be escapism.  What we can though, resolve for, is to understand and reevaluate ourselves against the current environment and perform a basic SWOT on what our strengths and weaknesses are while identifying the threats and opportunities.

We feel stressed and depleted because we think we are not in control and it happens because we surrender ourselves without a fight.  A fighter is seldom depressed.  A dejected warrior rarely gives a fight, but the warrior who wins or gives his 100% is also not completely stress free.  The only difference between a dejected and an inspired soldier is the feeling of control, a feeling that I will and can decide my own fate.

The ongoing circumstances are no different where we could witness a clear differentiation between people who talk about being in control and the one’s who actually are in control.  The basic way to identify is the way they talk.  I will refer to people in control as PIC and the ones who are not in control as PNIC.

  • PIC – They talk about reality, their own weaknesses and what they plan doing to overcome it.
  • PNIC – Complain about reality and find someone to blame especially government and their own employers, even their relatives and spouses.
  • PIC – Talk about identifying opportunities or aligning with people who think positively.
  • PNIC – Talk about gloomy present while also extrapolating it to the future time.
  • PIC – Discuss about possible solutions to issues at hand, identify areas where they can contribute and make the most out of it.
  • PNIC – Discuss about impossible situations that may occur in future and discourage others from even trying.
  • PIC – Will be stressed and tensed but will use it to generate better solutions.
  • PNIC – Will be stressed and tensed and will spread it more and create panic.
  • PIC – Will scrutinize the past and find out how the previous situations were resolved and things moved on fine and expect the present situation to follow a similar pattern by learning from people who were able to make a difference then.
  • PNIC – Will observe the past and look at all the negative results, which occurred then and assume them to arise in the present to predict future that is even more disastrous.
  • PIC – Will take action.
  • PNIC – Will wait for others to take action and wait for the right opportunity to criticize.

We can easily identify which category we fall into by reading through them.  One important fact to remember is that, we at times are naturally predisposed towards one thought process or the other.  However, we all can learn to become more aware of our inclinations and accordingly balance ourselves by questioning our own thoughts and feelings.

Asking your own self to provide evidence for the thoughts and fears you have work dramatically well when trying to change our mindset.  Yoga and meditation can also help largely, however, questioning needs to be sharp and unrelenting.  This can bring about a transformation and help rid ourselves of mindless thoughts and imaginary fears we continue to find ourselves living in.


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