Few Ways We Can Cope with a Job Loss in this Current Situation

focused young woman using laptop at home

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on Pexels.com

Covid-19 has probably changed the entire perception of people towards their jobs especially for those who have been negatively affected by it.  Changed business situations forced many of us to look at things from a new perspective.   However, as a lot of us may not have faced these circumstances before, we may not even know how to manage it.

I started working when I was 21 immediately after completing my graduation.  I gave 12 interviews before being selected in my first job.  I vividly remember the excitement I experienced as I was told of my selection and asked to begin work from Monday. any subsequent jobs, though till now have not been able to match up the excitement I felt when I got that first job.

Another challenge I faced in my career was when I returned after a few months stay in Canada.  Although, I had planned to shift there permanently, change in circumstances back home forced me into a retreat and after I came back, had to restart my job search. This fortunately was in 2018 when there was no covid around.

However, I still took two months to find a job and the initial few days of those two months were not only depressing but also utterly miserable.  The negativity was so strong that even in the middle of telephonic interviews, the thought that I am not capable enough would hit me and my entire interaction would go for a toss.  I would at times, develop a lump in my throat overwhelmed by the imaginary negative consequences, which would constantly play out in my head sometimes at random intervals and many a times at a stretch.

One day I somehow stumbled upon a YouTube video on mindfulness.  I am big fan of Big Bang Theory and used to watch some of its snippets there when I saw that video.  Although, not very keen to watch the entire clip, I somehow began.  It was a revelation for me.  One thing I realized after watching it is to be mindful of the present as that’s the only thing that’s in our control.

The little time that I spent in Canada, was also useful to some extent as I had begun writing my blog there.  Some of my early short stories were compiled during the solitary stay there as I cocooned myself inside the room while it snowed outside with temperatures hovering around subzero.

I picked up the broken threads from there and began writing.  This time, however I decided to write a long story and made it into my first book, now published on kindle, From the faraway galaxy.  I am also a passionate trekker and even though I had been deferring it for long, decided to go for it as well.

Things slowly began getting back in control.  Trek helped a lot as it provided me with the right avenue to get rid of the negative energy, which had permeated my mind.  I felt clearer in my head and this allowed me to think more rationally.

photo of man standing on mountain while doing peace sign

Photo by Loyale Trần on Pexels.com

I got a job after a month and few weeks but I continued writing.  The book was finally complete after I had been in my new job for a few months.  Even right, now as I work on my second book, which is also on the verge of completion, I do not have a job in hand.  I resigned in March just before this covid started and by the time, I thought I will get one, I saw even more people losing theirs.

I however find myself in a much better mental situation than what I was in 2018, even though the current time seems to be much more difficult.  I have been exploring areas where I could use my talent to earn money and doing what I like the most.

One more thing, I am realizing slowly is, I am not wanting to get into a job at all.  I am still debating it with myself though, but at a deeper level, I feel to continue with what I am doing right now, as I look forward to doing it every new day though there are a lot of things that needs completion.

To those people who are still seriously looking for a job, I would just advise one thing, talk to yourself and find out what you love to do apart from the job that you were in.  When we allow our identity be defined solely by our work designations, we let go of our internal control.  You can take that control back by doing what you like, while making honest efforts towards finding a new job.

When the inside feels safe and in control, outside is easy to manage.  Explore your inner-self; find out what you can do apart from what your designation implies.  As you immerse yourself in it, emotions would be easier to manage.

Its easier said than done though, but the first step is what you need to take.  I suggest just a few things as you begin;

  • Do mindful breathing for 2 minutes after you brush your teeth.
  • Talk and have a self-discussion for 5 minutes before you begin your day.
  • Take notes and observe yourself.
  • Whenever you are gravitating towards emotions, you do not like, observe and see what’s happening inside you. Self-observation generally help in bringing back to a more rational state.
  • Help and thank people around you.
  • Find a way to be of some use by offering your expertise and skills to others who might benefit from it.
  • Practice gratitude. Write down at least one thing you are thankful for each night before sleeping and you will begin noticing to have a calm and tranquil state of mind.

And, yes, please do write down your own suggestions on how you are managing this situation and what helped you the most.


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