‘6’ Ways to avoid Media Negativity by Connecting with Your Inner-self

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How many times have you felt depressed after reading the news feed on your mobile or watching some news on TV?  If you have not considered this question until now, let me bring your attention to a research on more than 22396 news items to find out which category of news got the biggest chunk of space and time.

The Research Findings

The stories were categorized as Positive, Negative and others.  Of these 34.69% classified, as positive and 48.08% were negative.  The ‘others’ constituted the remaining portion of the news items analyzed.  The negative news was not only numerically higher but also had much higher space allocation compared to positive and other news items. (Source-sodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in)

This is more or less true across the world.  We get deluged with more negative newscast then positive no matter which part of the world we live in.  The media houses may not be entirely at fault over here, because they only serve what sells and since it’s the negative news which is consumed more readily then the positive, they oblige to the wishes of the readers.

What Can We Do

Although, we do have a choice on whether we read or ignore the news on our feed or switch on the news channel to listen to whatever they have to tell us about what is happening around the world, but we seldom exercise it.

Enslaved by our habits we end up reading whatever pops up on our mobile or the news channel is airing without giving it much thought.  Largely we do not even realize what we are exposing ourselves to.  This happens at an unconscious level, as we remain aloof to the stimulus, which constantly triggers us into action without our conscious consent.

You may have experienced it, when even though you want to do something else but still keep scrolling on your phone or when you are tired of watching TV, but somehow still continue to keep watching it.

This constant exposure of negativity and feeding of destructive ideas and thoughts affects our unconscious in an adverse way.  Now, when we know what the media (print, social and tv) is offering, its wiser to be selective with our choice on what we wish to accept.

So, what is the solution?

Some Tips

One thing critical to safeguard ourselves is to be consciously aware of what we are consuming.  Just as we examine the fruits or the vegetables closely when we buy for any decay or unusual cuts, as we do not want to fall sick by eating something, which is bad for our health, we have to be similarly selective while we expose ourselves to any kind of media.



Some activities you can do to connect with your inner self and become self-aware are;

  1. Make a Schedule and Prioritize

This helps you to remain in control by allowing focusing on important things that you wish to accomplish or spend your time in.

  1. Write a Journal

The two things go hand in hand.  Once you get into the habit of making a plan, journaling will ensure you stick to it without fail.  Writing about how you spent your day, even a few lines go a long way in helping you to focus on things, which are important.

  1. Randomly ask yourself what you are doing and if you really want to do it

Suddenly allowing our own conscious to take the driver’s seat will keep rumination at bay while allowing refocusing on relevant aspects.

  1. Exercise

Keeps both your mind and body sharp and improves will power, which is critical as you retake control of yourself.

  1. Spend some time doing what you love

This can be a short walk in the balcony or your backyard, a book you want to read, paint, talk to someone, just sitting with yourself, solving puzzles, just about anything would do.

  1. Give a small reward when you catch yourself doing something you don’t want to

Again, reward can be as small as taking a tea break 5 minutes longer or having a small piece of chocolate as long as you like it or even a cooking a good meal you have been craving for a long time.

These are some of the things; I also do and have worked for me.  I have stopped watching news channels for a very long time now and have very limited access to google news as well, use it sparingly when I have to research for writing.

Would be great to know how you handle it.  Please do share.


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