Obviating the Need for Money – Can it Work?

silver and gold coins


One of the best things about childhood is the ignorance of the concept of money.  The innocence and an ability to develop relationships with a smile is their forte.  A person who doesn’t smile back at an amused child is rare to find.

They don’t need money to establish supremacy nor any fancy cars or houses to prove they have arrived.  Just a smile, a caress or a loving hug is enough to melt their hearts.  This is a natural ability we all are born with.  However, somewhere after we step in our youth we tend to lose this innocence as our mind gets polluted by the concept of money and accumulation of wealth.

Children’s are an expert at copying, and they act out what they watch adults doing.  Somebody raised in the interiors of Andamans would have a completely different perspective when compared to someone born and raised in a civilized world, be it a city or a modern village.

So, what corrupts mind, the environment or the concept of wealth expressed in the form of easy availability of money and indulgence in luxuries.  Well, it can be both.

What if we could develop a way to raise children’s in an environment which is devoid of any form of money.  Let every child be the responsibility of the state with parents contributing in the form of taxes.  Let every child get equal opportunity to excel in whatever they show inclination towards.

Can we make a world, where the word money is heard or understood by a child only after attaining 18 years of age?  It can even be 16 or 15.  But can we let them understand the world without the pressure of having to understand what economics of disparity is.  Although, realistically speaking, it would make sense to let them learn economics and see how uneven the distribution of wealth is in this world.

However, can we delay it for some time and let the child discover it after getting enough wisdom to analyze and understand it in his or her own way.  Let that perspective develop from within instead of forcing it from outside.

We as adults tend to ignore the utility value of things and instead focus on its extrinsic value on how its possession reflect our standing in society.  Salaries of employees, Car driven, the location one is staying at, turnover or market value of companies for businesspeople are metrics to decide the pegging order.

abstract art artistic book

We seldom decide value of people based on their contribution to the society or to the development of others.  Here, I don’t mean only materialistic philanthropy but parting or sharing whatever one possesses be it experience, wisdom or knowledge.

Hierarchies are an obvious way of telling people what their status is.  However, that status should remain nimble and change based on circumstances.  A scientist should get a prime position when the discussion or the project is about science and an artist should be in the chief role if it is something to do with art.

So, everyone gets to share the podium depending upon the situation.  The hierarchy may stand but remain fluid occupied by people based on the criticality of their role in that scenario.

There are still a lot many tribes which function without money and use barter as a way to procure goods and services.

Yanomami Indians living deep inside Amazon rainforest don’t have any concept of money.  However, when gold was discovered in their vicinity and miners began arriving in huge numbers, both mortality rates amongst children as well as diseases skyrocketed.

We need to find out a way to get rid of excesses.  Let people know how little we need to survive.  Focusing on the utility value will dictate buying a hatchback instead of a luxury Audi to fulfill one’s commute requirement.

Instead of putting money on advanced cars which will only solve a problem which is already resolved of using automated commute system, companies can focus on certain aspects of it like improving the engine capacity or effectiveness.  Rest of the resources can be used to further interest of the mankind and other life forms living on this planet by exploring the universe.

Taking up the challenge of exploring something never explored instead of developing even more luxurious cars could be big step in understanding how our universe works and uncover the secrets still lying hidden from our vision.

The resources available as a result of redirection can also help us in investing in the future of our world – Children’s.


Would Love to hear a contrary perspective too!


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