Living the Life in between Web-series, the Lock down and Corona Effect

The government decided to extend the lockdown even further and as the news got played repeatedly by almost every news channel, even people like me who are anyways sitting idle began to feel agitated.

However, as the realization of being out of work dawned on me, I decided to support the authorities for their timely interventions to save us from the disease.  However, the jealousy of others getting paid for watching movies and doing dishes also hit me once, but then I disregarded it, just like I ignore the guilt of sitting at home.

I never imagined taking a shower every time after returning from market, however, the fear of corona was instrumental in breaking the record for the maximum number of showers I took in a day, earlier it was 1 and now stands at 7.

I am still surprised I did not catch cold, could be because, corona virus was scared of these multiple showers and decided to maintain social distancing from me.

Lockdown was a happy news for people who are single and still working, as they sensed the opportunity to finish up the rest of the seasons of every web series they were in the middle of while still getting paid for doing that.

Married people though were the most distraught lot as the last two months have turned out be even more harassing than what the boss could manage all this while.  The realization that boss at home is far more demanding than the one in office, was forcing them to pray for a quick end to this forced closure of offices.

The major issue being, your spouse sitting next to you, making it difficult to even pretend to be working as she could easily see you typing the same word and deleting it repeatedly.  Even the games which could be played in office with impunity were not possible under such strict supervision.

apps blur button close up

Browsing social networking sites became taboo as such an act would imply a much higher importance for Facebook than cleaning up the dirty fan or the unkempt living room.  The garb of working in office, could no longer hide this act of subterfuge.

People like me who are not working anymore are busy exhorting the one’s in a job on how they should work and become more effective.  LinkedIn is now full of unsolicited advice on what we should do if we lose our job, money, wife, neighbor, the kirana vaala, even the electrician and plumber.

There is a solution to every problem, whether people are suffering from it or not does not matter.  I have been able to catalog all the advice under proper headings and subheadings and almost ready to publish my first self-help book, thanks to the wisdom, these people were kind enough to share publicly on LinkedIn.

The move towards strategic role is suddenly the black swan event becoming the new normal. Someone not able to hold on to a job is now advising businesses on what they should do to become successful and consistent in their tactics and services.

And, I am amazed to witness, the fan following of such gurus increase every day as they continue to spew out advise like politicians making promises to the naïve electorate who are somehow still willing to trust and latch onto every word that come out of the politician’s mouth even when they it’s all blatherskite.

The only people getting real reverence, respect and care and are taken real seriously are the ones responsible to ensure a working broadband and cable connection (or DTH).

Rest of us are only waiting and ruing the opportunity of not getting into a corona proof job.

Married people are ruing work from home while the ones away from their family are waiting to reunite.

However, one thing that corona has been able to put out in the open which otherwise would have remained hidden forever is that we don’t need as much as we have, we can manage with much, much lesser.

purple star ornaments

Minimalism, anyone!


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