The Invisible Words

woman sitting on wheelchair while leaning on wall

The words are few while the thoughts are plenty

All couldn’t come on a paper and that’s a pity

The one’s forced to remain inside

May not feel, but I know they are still mine

They will soon find an outlet with a little wait

When it will be their turn to fill the empty slate

How many times do we see ourselves falling apart

As we notice our turn taking an eternity to even start

And at that time, I suddenly find myself turn and see

What these words do then, and what they try to be

When they remain stuck inside someone’s mind

And continue to wait till they find

The right time on which they must go

The speed of which can be fast or even slow

As I pondered to be like those words

I discovered the independence felt only by birds

My mind was becoming light and clear

Having rid itself of an unknown fear

I stretched out wide and held on to my pen

To put on paper ‘those’ words, while feeling the tranquility of a Zen

6 thoughts on “The Invisible Words

    • thankyou so much for reading and sharing your feedback. I agree at times its difficult to gather our thoughts, while at times we have to rid the write-up of our favourite words if it doesn’t gel with the flow and both the situations are emotionally draining!!


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