Fighting the Inner Demons

gray concrete building

The thoughts at first seem strange and naive

But still able to fool the mind with a fleeting reprieve

They though still realize their work is not done

As they continue to tease my mind but not for fun

The mind seems to have grown a new mind of its own

Feeling the feeling even though it’s unknown

While I still try to make sense of what’s going on

I think I am hitting a conclusion the end of which is foregone

What’s happening is beginning to go out of my control

Or is it a way to divert me away from my goal

I am still trapped in a strange world

The working of which still remains known

The world, strangely created in the mind of my own mind

Making me unaware of my own feelings and keeping it blind

Emotions taking over the control of my own action

Exposing the vulnerability to even tiny little distraction

As I find it hard to keep my focus and sanity

The uncontrolled emotions are still pushing me into a vanity

The struggle continues to carry on even now

As I fight a lone battle to win without knowing how

It’s a long one and may not end as soon as I think

And till it’s not over I don’t even know if I will swim or sink

Sink and give up, to live a life I don’t desire

Or fight the demons to defeat and inspire

A new life which is worth living this blood and sweat

Filled with positives and devoid of negativity and threat

I long for this to happen quick and soon

End this mental run & free myself from this infinite demonic cocoon

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