The Perfect Husband and an Imperfect Lizard

‘Anirudh, where are you’ Aditi shouted.

The lockdown suddenly provided Anirudh with a golden opportunity to finish off ‘Game of Thrones’. 

Tired of escaping discussions related to the series, while everyone in office would talk about it with the zeal of a teenager who finally kissed for the first time combined with the seriousness of a dead man, he decided to finally acquaint himself with the serial and its characters.

However, since it was a long series, he tried skimming through it, resulting in a muddled potpourri of characters in his head enmeshed within in each other as he struggled to figure out how and when Jon travelled from ‘the wall’ to meet the ‘dragon queen’.

As he tried disentangling himself from the confusion, Aditi shouted again, this time, the voice was even shriller.

Anirudh, jumped from his bed like a soldier enlisted for war and ran to the source of the noise, kitchen it was, to find out where he needs to use his combat skills now.

‘I have been shouting for the last one hour, and you are coming now.  Must be back to watching your bloody Game of thrones’, Aditi was furious with him irritated at having to tolerate the GOT’s noise every day and night for the last 15 days as Anirudh resolved to finish off all the seasons, before the office resumes.

‘No, I had to watch some of the episodes again as lost I track of the story somewhere in the middle.  Anyways, why were you shouting’ asked Anirudh.

‘What, you had to watch it again’?

Do you also have to give an exam after you are done watching’, Aditi was shocked and surprised in equal measure with Anirudh’s response.

‘Hey, tell me, what’s the matter’ Anirudh tried moving the topic back to why he was needed.

‘Your favorite lizard is back and this time, she decided to visit kitchen’, replied Aditi, still irritated but slightly fearful as well, as she tried showing him where she last spotted the creepy crawler.

Anirudh’s chest swelled with pride as Aditi described her fear of the lizard and sought his help.  He knew this is one strength, Aditi always had to rely on him for.

‘You don’t worry about it.  I’ll just push it out of the house’ said Anirudh nonchalantly like an NSG commando taking on a petty thief.

Aditi passed on the wiper; she was using to push the lizard out.

‘I can do it with my bare hands, but let me use the wiper today, the wall is too high’, said Anirudh, taking the wiper from Aditi and looking for the eerie reptile.

‘It’s down there’ said Aditi pointing to its location.

Anirudh immediately got into action and tried pushing the lizard towards the door.  It however began moving in the opposite side.

‘It’s coming inside Anirudh’ shouted Aditi scared of what was happening.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll manage’ he replied while focusing his entire attention on forcing it out of kitchen.   The lizard however continued to crawl inside.

Seeing himself left with limited options as the wiper failed in its job, he got a chair to stand and scare it away using his hands.

Lizard however, seemed to be liking it, as if playing with Anirudh, he clapped hard, hoping the acoustic energy of the loud clap will force it to retreat.

‘You have to scare it, not play’ commented Aditi sarcastically tired with Anirudh’s failed efforts.

The sarcastic remark, however hurt his ego, as Anirudh, went very close, almost touching the crawler, however, even before it could run out, it suddenly dropped down.

It fell on the utensils kept close to the sink and after falling, it immediately crawled on top of flour container.

Aditi ran out fearing the lizard as Anirudh negotiated with the intruder alone.

The salt jar was still open, which Aditi forgot to close.  The lizard somehow fell inside, while trying to evade the athletic hands of Anirudh flying towards her to try and catch it.

However, his hands were in a free fall as they hit the flour container which fell down and the entire floor suddenly turned into a mini flour mill.

Ignoring everything, while keeping himself focused, Anirudh, quickly closed the lid of the salt jar as lizard got trapped inside it.

He walked out of the flour speckled kitchen floor, holding out the salt jar in the air with both his hands and looked at Aditi triumphantly.

‘What did you do’ asked Aditi looking at Anirudh, his face and body smeared with flour as his feet continued making unique flour marks with every single step he would take.

‘I caught it’ he said while stretching the jar in front of Aditi.

Aditi moved herself away from the jar asking him to throw it away in the dustbin.

She was shocked to see Anirudh, who though was puzzled with such an awkward reaction from Aditi even though he had caught hold of the scary crawler.

A bigger catastrophe, though awaited Aditi as she entered kitchen. 

Utensils were lying on the floor, salt jar was gone, flour container spread open while the handle cover of the wiper was floating in the oil, she had put in the pan to fry bread pakoras for morning breakfast.

Anirudh who was back after throwing the jar, stood at the kitchen door smiling sheepishly, and asked if she needs any help.

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