The constant murmuring of the mind somehow troubles the heart

While the ache of the memories I ruminate on, still disagree to part

The new beginnings, I think are relatively easy

It’s the mending that’s difficult and at times queasy

The mind pushes, craves and order to fall and go for the new

While the heart continues to live in the past still trying to be true

To the broken promises now long lost in the flowing rains

Trying finding refuge in a new place and running away from the previous pains

Will it be happy and contented, though still remains to be seen

As the heart and mind continue their fight like a young teen

As this drama continued I somehow mentally left

Feeling as if it’s not me but someone else

I still have no idea if it’s a dream or a reality

As I fail to even touch the skin of my own body

It continues to move farther away from me

Turning me into someone I never wanted to be

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