The Long Wait

He stood precariously balancing himself on the two stones to save his feet from getting wet.  Standing under the tree on the stones, was his unsuccessful attempt at keeping himself dry in the stormy rains.

The shirt was already wet and his feet too were about to taste water as it began trickling inside his shoes from an over drenched trouser.

He however continued standing, his eyes eagerly focused on the road.

A car stopped by offering a free ride after seeing a student struggling in the strong rains in his over soaked school uniform.  

Even the bus and auto stopped by but he declined to leave.

Rains were only getting ferocious and he was becoming a little concerned about reaching home late but his anxiety was still on how much more time it’s going to take.

He was not worried about the bag, having already given it to his little sister, so he could stand with impunity amidst the heavy monsoon downpour.

It had been close to 30 minutes now and his eyes were still fixed on the road.

The rains finally subsided as it gradually turned into a soft drizzle.

Water droplets were tumbling down his nose and chin now as he stood there, completely soaked in rain water.

It became slightly windy as the dark clouds begin to blow away, providing an opportunity for the sun to finally shine in an otherwise dark afternoon. 

The cold winds however, suddenly got warmer, as he finally saw her walking towards him, still holding onto her little blue umbrella.

She also must have been stuck in the rains, he thought as their eyes met prompting a quick smile on his face.

‘What are you still doing here’ she asked.

‘Nothing, I was stuck in the rains and was waiting for an auto’, he fibbed.

She however didn’t even listen to his reply completely and carried on walking; a smile appeared on her face though after she was sure, he couldn’t see her.

He was still smiling; the rains stopped but his heart was pounding.

How could he leave before seeing her off, he thought to himself, an answer he wanted to give to her but, decided to keep it inside, as he waved at an auto to stop.

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