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‘What’ if the fears turn out to be true

The demons in the mind are now demanding their dues

Dues, unknown and definitely forced

But still putting themselves firmly on the record

Asserting strongly with every new step I plan to take

Unknown resistance trying to stop, frightening with an evil fate

It somehow continues to get big and huge

As my confidence become soft as if soaked in a deluge

The way ahead becomes all the more difficult and steep

With accumulating past little failures, converting into a huge heap

Looking back, everything seems so difficult and impossible

Even the thoughts are beginning to make me feel small and feeble

The ‘will’ though somehow is still unaffected, I think

As it prods to continue on and on even in the stormy winds

It says, one need to continue to move and carry on doing

Even if the world keeps hurling problems that are difficult and daring

Success and money may not be the only reward you would get

But the satisfaction of making an effort is something we shouldn’t forget

Not many will show an inclination to fight

As they give up just at the first step when, even when the burden is still light

Retreating to what is familiar and comforting

To avoid what can be depressing and dispiriting

Dreams they say, is not what you see with your eyes closed

But it’s something that doesn’t let you stay composed

So, continue to walk, crawl and run, no matter whether its day or night

And soon, you will see a sun that’s burning very bright

Spreading its light far across and wide

Killing the fears and gifting you with a new life

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