My favorite Book – Man’s Search for Meaning

My Favorite Book

Have you ever felt like it’s the end of the world and now anything you do will not make a difference?

Or, you have been pushed to the corner, lost a job, nursing a strained relationship or can’t take the stress of expectations of others anymore?

Look at other people who are pursuing their passion and feel you should have also done the same?

Well, I read a book which, a lot of you might also be aware of;

‘Man’s search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor.

Strangely the book was written in 1946 and is still one of the most popular books on amazon and even in brick and mortar stores.

What is it about this book that we love it?

I would say the following;

  • A gripping tale of triumph of humanity on adversity
  • A despairing situation with no way to overcome is still scaled.
  • A man endowed with no special physical or mental prowess, Viktor Frankl is a common man, just like you and me and we can relate with him
  • The odds are against him, 99.99% of the people would have betted in favor of his death if such kind of a bet was allowed.
  • Finding hope in hopelessness
  • An act which we all feel we can do – Conjuring up a future where he is enjoying his life again – how many of us can actually do it when faced with a situation like that
  • Gratitude and above all
  • No revenge, no vengeance for anyone
  • He never felt an urge to retribute after he got free

Anyone, no matter how challenging the situation is, can prevail, with just two things;

  • a strong belief and
  • Hope.

If you are feeling low or need to self-motivate yourself or want to get inspired, I strongly recommend you to read this classic. 

The 2 hours spent will be worth their weight in gold.

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