Nature’s Fury

Dark clouds hovering up in the sky

Filled to the brim, longing to meet the earth that’s completely dry

Two souls living so far apart

Waiting to merge like different colors in a beautiful art

The thunderstorm and lightning warning on what to expect

As the parched earth gets ready to welcome and accept

The tiny droplets of beautiful heavenly gift

Falling slowly and easy at first

Checking the resolve of the people to see if they are ready for the rest

And then the gates suddenly open up big and wide to test

If they can handle, before letting it flow with full fury and might

A distribution that’s unjust and unfair in every right

As some get very little while others much more than their share

Some plead to stop while others still pray to make it fair

The pleading and prayers though don’t always work for sure

Why else would we see famine and floods troubling us even more

When the power above knows, who needs how much and in what quantity

Or is it his/her  way to show its authority

So, we remain in her awe and subjugated under her whimsical priorities

Although, we can’t blame her alone, when we ourselves lack any purity

Exploiting this land, we call home beyond her calling

And now as we appear less and less in control

We still blame her for the troubles we ourselves signed up to enroll

The time will surely punish us for our unfair deeds

If we don’t stop now and heed

Our inner conscience and calling while bestowing the respect the nature deserves To live in calm, peace and serenity we all crave and love

8 thoughts on “Nature’s Fury

  1. Lovely poem making the reader think about the environment and harm as humans we have done…👌👌सृष्टि के साथ बिगड़े संयम के हम हैं सबसे बड़े कारन ये बताती

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