The Perfect Idea

If we produce 1000 ideas, 2 might work, but if we produce only 10 ideas chances of any of them turning into something big is greatly reduced.

Even Picasso produced 1000’s of painting during his lifetime but showcased just a few of them, his best ones, he could pick the best ones, because he worked on thousands.

However, imagine, if he would have focused only on creating the best, chances are none of his best paintings would have ever seen the light of the day.

He knew if he intend to create 2 masterpieces, he has to paint 100.

Painting 1000’s of them helped him hone his skills while also offering the luxury of choosing the best few.

One more similar instance was observed in a photography class.

Photography professor Jerry Uelsmann at University of Florida divided his class into two groups. 

Students on the left side were assigned to the ‘Quantity’ group, while on the right to the ‘Quality’ group.

The basic difference was that all the pupils in Quantity group were to get graded on the number of photographs they click; higher the number better will be the grade.

On the other hand, students in the Quality group were asked to get a perfect picture. They just had to bring one and would get graded based on the quality of that picture.

After the term ended, Professor Uelsmann graded the students and was astonished to discover something he never thought of. 

All the best photos came from the Quantity group.

So, while the Quantity group was taking pictures and making mistakes, learning from it and clicking even more, the quality group was obsessed with clicking the perfect photograph. 

They got lazy and instead of taking pictures, spent most of their time in ruminating on how to take the perfect picture. As they were not practicing as much as the quantity group, their quality also dipped.

Focusing on practicing and improving oneself on a regular basis takes us to the pinnacle of expertise and knowledge. We are supposed to make mistakes, learn from them, practice more and get better.

The work of people we admire reflect the years of practice and multiple mistakes they put in while creating their masterpieces and when probed, they would be very forthcoming to accept how practicing and failing multiple times, helped them reach where they stand currently.

So, what are you waiting for?

The perfect post, the perfect write-up, the perfect product or a process or even a perfect story.

They are all here, in front of our hazy sight, the more we write, paint, think and use our brain, the more clearer the vision would be, revealing the best of writing, poetry, design, idea or even a photograph.

My personal experience has also been devastating and reading about Picasso, did helped a lot. I discarded a manuscript of 1,25,000 words, just because I was not pleased with the end result, I realized I needed to practice a lot more.

But, at least now I am aware of few more things I should avoid while writing. But trust me, the decision to let go was still very tough .

So, don’t wait, carry on writing more, posting more , painting more, thinking more and trying a slight bit even more!!!

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