The innocence of childhood squirming to grow

After all, its innocent and doesn’t even know

What it means to be an adult and what they need to learn

As the moment it finds out, it will cease to yearn

The promises we make to our future adult self

Of following the righteous path and never to digress

Suddenly loses its hold in the cacophony of selfishness

Not knowing where to go, we just run amok in absolute aimlessness

And then we make another promise to  someone we dearly love

As he/she enters our life from somewhere above

Showering her/him with everything we have ever got

We promise forever togetherness while tying the knot

The promises though soon begin to fall apart

As the love suddenly dries up even from inside the heart

We though continue to remain together, now more as a formality

For the sake of another life who we welcome and wish to love for eternity

The promise is now made to be with her forever

A little doubt though begin to creep in asking if this will stand and break never

And soon, it stands the test of time

As we force them to leave, the moment, they hit their prime

The last promise we now make to each other

Now very well aware, this will also smother

Because we won’t be able to even keep this one

Leaving the other to fend the world on his/her own

As we reach the heavens and look back at our life

Broken promises and full of lies

We request god for one last promise, to not let us be born again

But even before we could hear him reply, a child suddenly begins to cry in pain

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