The Last Wish

I wrote this story on a prompt. If you would like to guess what the prompt was, do share it in the comments.

He could not sleep, turning in his bed the entire night as heavy sweat continued wetting his sheets and his entire body.  He had no energy to even switch on the fan.

As, he looked gaping at the ceiling above, his big eyes widened further seeing the three blades in continuous motion.

‘Where is this air going to’ he thought as his emaciated frame longed for some fresh cold air. Picking up the remote with his supple fingers, losing its skin like a snake, he pushed the buttons rather haphazardly to switch on the AC.

Heaving a huge sigh after hearing the loud noise, he contemplated sleeping for some time.

The receding hairline on a large forehead shone brightly as the sweat on it reflected the dimmed light of the indicator on the switch board.  The thin eyebrows almost invisible reflected his sagging health while the folded skin of his face dotted with heavy pigmentation lost the vitality which attracted thousands of girls who would swoon over him during his prime.

The A/C also though couldn’t cool the room as his mind suddenly reminisced of the chocolate, he had on such an uncomfortable sultry night in the exciting company of Sofia, who he still remembers vividly. 

Originally from Mexico and with very trivial knowledge of his language, Sofia, could manage little broken English.  The real reason for their togetherness though was his infatuation for the young girl, especially his long desire to have his way with a Latino.

‘It was bliss, I never experienced it before and after’ he remembered, even though the camp was infested with wild mosquitoes and flies, depriving them of their sleep and any opportunity to engage in an activity he so was looking forward to.

The 15 minutes of watching the bright crescent moon as she fed little pieces of chocolate in the soft moonshine, sometimes with hands and at times with her mouth, was his only memory of the trip but filled with extreme pleasure and an inimitable ecstasy.

‘I want to have that chocolate; I want to have that chocolate’ the repetitive desire of the mind suddenly began expressing itself verbally as his housekeeper arrived in the morning.

‘I want to have that chocolate’ he was shouting now, but the muffled voice couldn’t release itself in full because of the withering vocal cords, turned it into a soft cry.

‘Doctor, he is talking to himself and is asking for something, a chocolate I think’ the housekeeper said, while ushering the doctor inside and stopped at the doors as the doctor began checking upon him.

The doctor after examining him thoroughly realized his failing health was a result of being bitten by poisonous insect even a snake may be and he needed an antidote quickly.  Probing his body carefully, turning him upside down on the bed with the help of the housekeeper, they spotted the area where he was bitten – lower hips. 

Quickly turning her gaze on the other side as the doctor, removed his pants, the housekeeper stood up and went out of the room.

‘I want a chocolate’ he continued as the housekeeper began looking for it in the refrigerator and kitchen shelves.

Not finding it anywhere, she came back, expressing her inability to feed what her master was asking for so fervently.

Suddenly, he erupted in a loud noise as his entire body spoke as one, the soft muffled voice momentarily turning monstrous, vibrating every little object and even walls of the house;

‘I want a chocolate right now and I won’t leave this place till I have it’ he declared.

‘We don’t have that much time’ the doctor tried to reason, but he remained stubborn, asking for it again.

‘If we don’t move in 10 minutes’ you could even die, the doctor declared impassionedly, while staring at his eyes which continued to gaze at the moving fan.

The housekeeper quickly ran to the market to buy him a chocolate as doctor waited impatiently looking at his watch almost the entire time.

Doctor was now shivering with cold and as he stretched out his hands to pick up the AC remote, it was quickly dragged by him under his naked body.

His eyes sparkled with temporary triumph as he enjoyed the awkwardness of an object under his bare back.  It was more than 20 minutes now and housekeeper still hadn’t returned.

Looking at his watch, he pleaded with him to leave as he ignored his request again replying with a soft and repetitive ‘I want the chocolate’.

Suddenly, the sound of thumping shoes on the floor got closer as the housekeeper finally entered the room, panting heavily while passing on the chocolate to the doctor, so he could hand it over to him, she continued waiting.

However, not able to stand for too long after noticing he was still lying naked on the bed, she again left the room.

His eyes suddenly brightened up as if possessed by a strange spirit as he quickly latched onto the chocolates, forcing down the first one quickly inside his mouth without even chewing properly while unwrapping the next.

His eyes began drooping as chocolate started to melt inside the mouth but his inability to swallow meant it continued to stay there.  The other chocolate till now gripped firmly in his hands though, slowly slipped out as his hands fell on the bed with a jerk and a loud thud while his torso somehow remained tentatively standing in the air.

The melted chocolate slowly refluxed out of his mouth, now changing into reddish black after mixing with the blood he was spewing out.

‘She is waiting for me’ he blurted out, his last words, as his head continued to sway for a while before falling down, the mouth remained open and so does the eyes. It appeared to be the face of a man laughing at his own death.

14 thoughts on “The Last Wish

  1. It was such a tragic ending. How he recollected his young days in his second childhood.i did adore the part on chocolate. But the ending left me with a sad thought and a happy one too. He will be reunited with his love. A very close to every day life your perspective was. Overall your writing style is a mixture of all spices of emotions- humor,regret, pain and love.Something quite hard to master. Keep blogging pal

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