This will Shock you!

What will you do if you are asked to sit in a room alone for 15 minutes with a switch, pressing which can give you an electric shock? Do you know what percentage of time our mind just wanders aimlessly, a virtual vagabond during our waking hours? The answer to the second question is more … Continue reading This will Shock you!

My favorite Book – Man’s Search for Meaning My Favorite Book Have you ever felt like it’s the end of the world and now anything you do will not make a difference? Or, you have been pushed to the corner, lost a job, nursing a strained relationship or can’t take the stress of expectations of others anymore? Look at other people who … Continue reading My favorite Book – Man’s Search for Meaning

Passion, Purpose, Pleasure

Today’s post of mine is not about any specific topic or even a story. I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know how at times we feel unsure of our own decisions, scared of chasing our own dreams, tentative about our own abilities and hesitant to express ourselves. Although we all are … Continue reading Passion, Purpose, Pleasure

A Family Finally Reunites

(This story is inspired by Surgical Strike which India conducted post Uri attacks.  Please do not read if you hate reading about deaths and killings) The covert operation wasn’t even known to some of the top experts in the state as Commandoes from special forces were drafted in to execute the highly secretive operation. A … Continue reading A Family Finally Reunites

Remembering and The Experiencing Self

I have a question for you. What if your travel agent offers you a deal? To visit any place of your choice for 10 days at 70% discount but on one condition; You will not be allowed to click a single picture or retain any proof of that vacation.  Will you still take it? If … Continue reading Remembering and The Experiencing Self

Hard Copy – 21 Short and Inspiring Stories Now Available

Hello Everyone, Another update, the paperback (hard copy) of my book; - 21 Short and Inspiring Stories is now available on Notion press and Amazon India. If you are the one who like to read it old style (I also prefer it the traditional way), please do buy it from the following link; Amazon … Continue reading Hard Copy – 21 Short and Inspiring Stories Now Available