Mrs Springle’s Speech

Image Credit - Skitterphoto on The room was full, but the loneliness of her heart reflected in her tightly pursed lips, hands folded on the chest. She was the first speaker for the day. She sat behind the long-decorated table with soft muslin table cloth and fresh flowers in a ceramic vase, water bottles … Continue reading Mrs Springle’s Speech

Night Travel in a Bus – North India

Image Credit - The luggage thrusted in places where people could not sit, the bus now packed with both people and baggage, and not an inch to spare, suddenly stopped. ‘He is a staff member’, the conductor shouted, preempting any complaint from the passengers sitting inside.  After standing close to the door for a … Continue reading Night Travel in a Bus – North India


Image Credit - VisionPic .net on He ran as if seeing open after ages, scampering everywhere, even in the middle of the quiet country road, no honking, no car not even a cycle at this time.  Cows return home faraway, the musical sound of the bell announcing their arrival, the trees filtering out the … Continue reading Mother

The Chicken

Image Credit - Engin Akyurt on His razor-sharp eyes continued staring at the cage holding the chickens.  There were 5 of them inside, cramped together in a small place, meant for just one. The naturally conical shaped beard flowed freely on his bronze skinned face, his lips hidden by overgrown moustache and beard hairs, … Continue reading The Chicken

The Kiss

Image Credit - Jonathan Borba on (caution - first attempt at writing something like this, your feedback will be of immense help) The wandering eyes finally settled on each other, the gazing continued as the time stood still,  the blinking felt abhorrent as the mind and heart resisted being denied other’s presence even for … Continue reading The Kiss

The Nightmare

Image Credir - on Every tree resembled a monster in the moonlit night as we continued driving amidst the wilderness, our minds floating inside an invisible cloud.  I could feel it but couldn’t see.  The calm starry sky suddenly turned violent as loud roars and lightening began to crack just above our heads.  … Continue reading The Nightmare

Story of Stories

When we were living as wanderers in the forests, in the caves and in the deserts or in the open grasslands, one thing that knitted everyone together was gossip and bonfire talks. People would gather around and talk about other people, discuss their day, issues and almost everything. The discussion not only helped in developing … Continue reading Story of Stories


Image Credit - Oleg Magni on The external façade, tranquil and appealing Too many make believes and silent feelings Caged tight, safely and extraordinarily strong Least they depart and flutter along Reveal the blackness, the real self, that’s hidden deep inside Loathsome, troubling and always wishing for the soul to die Anticipating to mourn … Continue reading Hypocrite

The Puff

The cigarette moved glibly from the wooden counter to his fingers as he flipped it once before observing it closely.  The thick yellow spongy stub, pressed a little as he held it from the bottom while contemplating the smooth whiteness of the paper holding the tobacco inside. Small curvy brown leaves peeked from inside as … Continue reading The Puff

21 Short and Inspiring Stories now in Top 100 in Kindle Story Books at 61 and at 140 in Story Book (paperback and hardcover)

Hey Everyone, Although the rankings are dynamic and we never know what happens in 2 hours, but its important to celebrate small wins. I am thankful to each and everyone here who supported and encouraged me and helped put this book in top 100 finally. Its ranked at #61 in Short Stories on Kindle and … Continue reading 21 Short and Inspiring Stories now in Top 100 in Kindle Story Books at 61 and at 140 in Story Book (paperback and hardcover)

Writing Competition

Dear Fellow Bloggers/Writers, is holding a writing competition. Please click on the link below to know the details. The winner will get $500. I am posting this after receiving their email to let it be known to anyone who would be interested in submitting a book blurb. I am not earning anything by … Continue reading Writing Competition