The Puff

The cigarette moved glibly from the wooden counter to his fingers as he flipped it once before observing it closely.Β  The thick yellow spongy stub, pressed a little as he held it from the bottom while contemplating the smooth whiteness of the paper holding the tobacco inside.

Small curvy brown leaves peeked from inside as if caged against their will, smoothened by the undue pressure of the soft paper holding it all together and sealed by a butt at one end while leaving an opening in front as if to let the inmates breathe.

Slowly, bringing the lighter closer while turning his fingers around, shaping them to hold the stick between the middle and the index finger of the right hand, his lips too motioned in anticipation as if longing the warm rustic touch of the tube.

The lighter on the left hand had its cover open as the flint stone, covered with steel laden structure readied itself to blow up, provide the spark which can light up the stick destined to become cinder.

His left hand stayed still as the crooked fingers of the right hand carefully placed the cigarette on his lips, his head tilted slightly to bring the two closer as a small flame suddenly blasted out of the lighter with the sound of clank.

The two finally met as the flame incinerated the paper before burning the tobacco inside slowly, what layered them till now, ultimately fired them, as the small leaves cluttered together inside suddenly turned bright red, producing a trail of fumes which flowed in the air for a few feet before merging itself in the surroundings.

The head tilted down, regained its original position, as a loud gust of smoke left the mouth, followed by a slow exit from the nostrils to blow out the remaining vapours left in his lungs, back into the air outside.

Closing his eyes momentarily he could feel the calmness of the mountains in his mind, before bringing up his hand and tilting the head again to experience the ecstasy of yet another large puff.

Do share your feedback on how you found it and for anyone who would like to try, do describe the following 10 second, actions in 100-150 words, will be a treat to read!!

  • A Kiss
  • Getting Slapped
  • Pulling a Trigger
  • Anything of your Choice
  • Hitting someone with your car/vehicle/bike/cycle
  • Bidding someone Goodbye

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