Story of Stories

When we were living as wanderers in the forests, in the caves and in the deserts or in the open grasslands, one thing that knitted everyone together was gossip and bonfire talks.

People would gather around and talk about other people, discuss their day, issues and almost everything. The discussion not only helped in developing a deep social structure but also cementing and creating long term bonds.

Anything complicated when spoken about or discussed like an incident or a happening becomes all the more interesting and sticky.

This natural evolutionary process ensured we remain glued to stories.

Even the learned sages were aware of this and used Puranas and to some extent Upanishads to propagate knowledge in the form of stories.

I also contributed my own bit by writing a story book, ensuring every story inspires while retaining its basic tenet of interest and entertainment.

And an update – 21 Short and Inspiring Stories is now at #58 (in Short Stories – inclusive of E-books and Paperback/hardcover)

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