The Nightmare

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Every tree resembled a monster in the moonlit night as we continued driving amidst the wilderness, our minds floating inside an invisible cloud.  I could feel it but couldn’t see. 

The calm starry sky suddenly turned violent as loud roars and lightening began to crack just above our heads.  The car suddenly lost its power, coming to a gradual deadly halt just in front of an opening in the woods.

The desire path now looked dreary, unused and virgin, resembling an old ancient artefact with immense value but no utility.   

The moon and the stars suddenly vanished deserting us when most desired as we struggled to decipher our own bodies in the dark with the car battery dying out, abandoning us in the dreadful lap of impenetrable woods stretching as far as my own imagination.

We witnessed momentary glimpse of the day after a loud rumbling up in the sky, as my heart began to pound like a heavy machine gun.

‘Are you there’ I asked her.

Silence followed my enquiry as I looked around.  Darkness blacker than the blackest enveloped the entire place as if painted in coal.

I stretched my hands trying to feel her when I sensed wood.

‘Am I inside a forest or on the road’

The car disappeared soon and she was nowhere to be felt. 

I was about to cry, shout from the deepest part of my body when I felt a heavy load on my chest, a butcher’s knife, slicing my liver slowly as I stared at the red blood oozing out of me while dripping from the knife’s edge on the ground, drop by drop, slowly.

‘You should do it fast’ I murmured, wishing to die a quick death, but it continued to work slowly like a Mozart’s symphony gradually growing and taking over my senses, overwhelming with its sheer beauty of force and pain.

The words suddenly changed my expressions as my eyes bulged out, one of them falling on what could be his legs or…. were there any?

I don’t know!

My liver lay suffocating in his hands now!

‘Am I able to see now’, I asked myself, with surprise and bewilderment, suddenly seeing everything clearly.

‘Wasn’t it dark a little while earlier and I lost one of my eyes’, all my thoughts suddenly began contradicting each other.

It has to be heart now; I tried guessing his next target.

‘Why is he doing this to me and what does he want now’, I asked myself, but there wasn’t any answer

Even before I could anticipate the pain, it was gone, the knife and the heart suddenly disappeared.

A lifeless body lay hanging in air, the thick viscous blood stuck on my pockets which I tried scraping with my overgrown dirty nails, lead to even more slashes than a clean trouser.

Slashes on a dead body, am I high?

Where am I, is this called hell, I continued questioning darkness

The phone continued ringing, the perished still lay unmoved.

‘Don’t you have to go to your house’ the pungent smell of her cheap perfume finally woke me up.

‘I got a new customer’ she announced while showing me the door.

Reluctantly I got up, she quickly turned her heavily made up face, pushing my lips from touching hers. ‘Your time is over’ she said shoving me out of the door.

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