The Kiss

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(caution – first attempt at writing something like this, your feedback will be of immense help)

The wandering eyes finally settled on each other, the gazing continued as the time stood still,  the blinking felt abhorrent as the mind and heart resisted being denied other’s presence even for a flickering moment.

They pressed closer, very close, everything else turned blind, the only thing visible, their faces yearning for each other.

Their noses touched first, forcing the eyes to imprison themselves inside the softness of the eyelids, but it still felt and saw things, albeit from a different dimension.

The flaming lips got closer, touching each other tentatively at first before pressing hard, wetting the dryness with the soft touch of the tongue which would just skim and quickly run back inside.

The lips continued to play in the symphony of their own rhythm, caressing like a feather and suddenly the tongue made its way inside for far too long.  The intimate touch suddenly inflaming the whole body and mind, turning the two souls in one.

The wet lips continued closing further, repeatedly pressing, and suddenly at some divine clue, began chewing each other alternating between the upper and the lower in no particular order, with no conscious choice.

The closed eyes continued living in a world of colorful and vivid pictures as their breath initially, individual, interspersed with the other to become one, the mind failing to discern which one belonged to whom as they breathed into each other.

The soft sounds of the air they breathed out turned musical while the cheerful mist on the foreheads shone brightly as their tongues continued exploring each other.

His hands pressed on her waist tightly now while she balanced herself holding his head, ruffling his hairs softly at times, violently the other as the two bodies swayed like a tree in pleasant spring breeze, on its own, without any force, without any attention, effortlessly, dancing to its own tune.

They met after two years and have no idea when to stop, the crowd at the airport continued to swell around, but they remain embraced, absorbed in each other, without any conscious awareness of the time or place. 

It was bliss.

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