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He ran as if seeing open after ages, scampering everywhere, even in the middle of the quiet country road, no honking, no car not even a cycle at this time. 

Cows return home faraway, the musical sound of the bell announcing their arrival, the trees filtering out the last rays of the sun and preparing for a long slumber ahead. 

The evening scent flowing in the air softly as frogs croaked in the runnel nearby.

He continued to look ahead for as far as his eyes could see while he ran, pausing his gaze for a few seconds in between, to turn and look back, his little legs running and coming to a stop intermittently to confirm if she is still following her.

Her eyes continued scanning the evening, and his location uninterruptedly without fail, it was as if the two eyes could keep a watch on two different places with equal attention.

‘Don’t go too far’ she cried as he turned around, legs still and eyes staring at a distance before settling on her face, waiting for another command, before unfollowing it, to continue running.

Suddenly his steps froze, the eyes turned around but his body couldn’t as his face went red with fear and anxiety.

A large bull walked towards him, with just a few metres left, she suddenly appears between him and the beast.

The bull sniffed the two of them, gawking for a few seconds, scanning their bodies, its breath loud and stinky, spread inside their nose now as they continue to stand still, no movement, not even blinking of the eyes.

‘He is a friendly dude, just saying hello’ a voice shouted running towards them.

They, however, remained mute, waiting for the owner to push him ahead.

‘I am sorry’, says he, can be a bad boy at times, before lunging ahead, following his pet.

The mother ambles, the kid holding her fingers tightly, not wanting to let go, his other hand wrapped around her thighs, as he smells his mother deeply. The bull’s scent though refuses to leave still sticking as tight as his hold on her hands.

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