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The little plant stood meekly shaded by the giant tree.

The thick foliage of the huge tree prevented the little one from getting any sunlight absorbing most of it, there was no way he could fight, trying to manage with whatever it could get during the strong breeze, when its long leaves blow open creating small spaces, allowing the few rays to flicker down from its firm grip.

The plant had to fight for nutrients in the soil, the burly, tough roots of the bigger one prohibiting the smaller plant from penetrating its own deeper inside the earth.

The minerals and nutrients all absorbed by it, leaving little for the young plant.

Even the water was tough to keep, the deep roots of the bully sucking away any hydration from roots of even nearby plants during the hot season.

The mango tree was the king, and every other thing in his vicinity had to manage with whatever scrap he dishes out, sometimes little, many a time, very little.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and years as the little plant gained some height, it was getting taller and seeing its growth the owner put some extra manure to enrich the soil under it.

The large tree, however, quickly got into action, the serpentine roots quickly sniffing the feast and running away with most of it leaving very little for the plant which was as tall as a shrub now.

It was growing linearly with hardly any outgrowths on its thin trunk, because of the insufficient nutrients and sunlight.

Although the water was in plenty now, the inability to get enough sun and nourishment from the soil meant a slow, stunted growth for the plant.

Unable to sustain its growth, it got stuck after attaining medium height, still at the mercy of the enormous mango tree which continued to deprive it of the sunlight and the sustenance from the soil.

Summers were approaching; however, the mango tree was still without flowering, when every other tree was laden with flowers with bees’ hover above them, this tree stood all alone, not able to attract even flies.

The owner was concerned and tried to feed more fertilizer and water, but the tree remained as it is, no bloom!

Contemplating the reason for lack of flowering, he realized the growth of other plant and shrubs could rob it of the essential nutrition leading to its barrenness.

He resolved to clear the field of every other outgrowth.

The next day, he looked at the plant which was still standing thin, trying to survive, when suddenly it was chopped off, along with other smaller plants and shrubs, even the flowers were not spared in a bid to save the large mango tree.

The competition was over; the entire field was left to the reigning king again, the mango tree stood tall alone.

The soft breeze fluttered its leaves in the hot summer afternoon, its owner expecting it to bear bumper fruits the next season.

The tree has mastered the art of surviving in the human world.

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10 thoughts on “Survival

  1. A lovely story about nature trying to navigate human influences. This story also reminds me of how we are sometimes that thin plant, trying to survive bullies, competition and other people who try to suffocate us.

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