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The palms fidgeted, hands trembled, and mind went wild over this heart wrenching oath. 

Which sensible person has the audacity to keep his fingers away from the smooth velvety touch of a such an expensive glass; from peering inside it as it exposes the whole world.

Distancing oneself from picking the brains of millions or probably billions in one go, the photogenic memory, the feeling of intimacy, no-one else could provide.

The first time was to use it was challenging, the second was tough, but now when it’s a habit, why this riling of emotions, why this obstinacy to go away, to run afar to break  the embrace.

Certain things are meant to be this way, no matter what anyone feel, say or even do, they continue to hold their sway as always, no matter how much we deny their existence, try to withhold their presence or even attempt to flush them out of our memory, they continue to return, and return with a vengeance.

I know that feeling; I know what’s inside of that scream; I know what the hands covet; I know what the eyes are after; I know everything, you may try as hard as you can, even shut me out of your life, but I am still there, still waiting, still ready to show up, ready to perform as you wish.

Now, let’s end this separation, lets be together, let’s live life the way it should be lived, lets be back in the civilization, the woods are charming, but in the end we return to the cities, to find what was lost in nature, to create a NEW nature, a new WORLD, which is yours forever or for as long as you like.

So, let’s get back together.

The fingers which till now reluctantly resisted, suddenly acted on their own, the mind finally lost its control, the hand continued stretching, pushing the legs as they too began to move, halting only after reaching the almirah, to reveal what lay inside.







“The Mobile”

It was there the 2 whole minutes, a vow of celibacy from online presence lasted a total of 120 seconds, and every cell of the body was thinking of only one thing during this time;


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