Springsteen Vs Denver

Country Roads, Take Me Home!

Image Credit – Pixabay on Pexels.com

The 40-kilometre ride involved 30 kilometres of forest road. 

The narrow asphalt filled path was flanked by gigantic trees, unwilling to allow any sun even on the road.

The freeway however suddenly turned popular with people who wished to learn to drive. Too many cars with a big capital ‘L’ written on the rear glass became too frequent.

The feet pushed the accelerator, as the front glasses lowered themselves down; I began enjoying the unadulterated forest breeze, feeling the coldness of the waft on my head running between my hair.

‘Wow, this has to be the most beautiful ride, I took in a long time,’ I murmured to myself.

The words weren’t even out of my mouth completely when I found myself overtaken by two speeding cars.

Both zoomed past me like a fighter plane as I could only grasp the noise of the engine; they soon vanished, disappeared like a ghost in front of my eyes.

However, my own feet got into action, as they suddenly flipped on the brake and slowed me down.

‘Crazy people have taken over this place,’ I told myself, however, as I looked at the speedometer, realized, I was now at 80; after slowing down.

I spent the next few kilometers cursing the two speed monsters as I momentarily forgot about the green around me and the almost perfect solitude of the woods.

Deciding to bring some sense back inside my head, I took help of Bruce Springsteen.

The songs began to play and soon, my mind diverted again, engrossed in the music and the beauty of the place as I picked up speed again.

However, this time, I didn’t see the needle move above 80, stayed within my own declared self-restraint.

A little ahead and I found the two cars parked on the edge of the road.

‘Here they are, the speed monsters,’ I suddenly recollected.

As I slowed down, I found them fighting with each other. Apparently one of the side mirrors of the car at the back was missing.

I quickly realized what must have transpired. 

Feeling some strange vicarious pleasure, my face broke into a broad smile.

‘I knew this would happen,’ I congratulated myself on my premonition coming true.

The song, the empty road and the sight of the car overtaking me lying stranded, suddenly turned my day back to awesome again.

And when I heaved a large sigh, and reminded not to feel good about other’s misery, a loud thud and a screech commanded my attention.

A car tried overtaking me but had to slow down after another one sped from the opposite direction. 

In their quest to save themselves from a head on collision, they decided a sideways kiss and abrasion is better as the door of their car scraped past mine; their car stopped a few metres ahead.

The protocol had to be followed, and I too stopped.

As I came out; to put salt on injury, I saw the two speed monsters running past me, occupants staring at us now as I faced the ignominy of saving my honour against a driver who clearly was at fault.

‘I am sorry,’ the young driver, not even eligible to hold a license pleaded; emerging from the driver’s seat. 

There was another teenager on the backseat with two girls, almost the same age.

‘At least get a permanent license before getting into accidents,’ I exhorted.

‘Sorry bhaiyya, (I am sorry brother),’ he replied as I decided to get inside, not even looking at the doors.

A few long sighs and moment of silence later, I found myself confused on what I should listen to now;

Continue with Bruce Springsteen or Play ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver.  I am getting old; I think!!!

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6 thoughts on “Springsteen Vs Denver

  1. खूबसूरती यही है कि छोटी छोटी सी बातों से बड़ी ही बेहतरीन रचना रच दी जाती है,हवा सी हल्की और तरोताज़गी का एहसास कराती 👌

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