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The breeze feeling its own cold

Unable to carry the frigid hold

Waiting to dump it quick and now

But still couldn’t do it anyhow

Why do I have to live with something I hate?

Is this similar to what humans call fate

I refuse to bow down, flutter and run

But that’s my basic nature how could I turn

The struggle is tough and straining

Not as easy as letting water out while it’s raining

I need to let go, the breeze whispers again

To see the clouds cracking up, and about to drain

And finally, the breeze opens itself up in the mountains, far and wide

Turning water into snow that’s beautifully white

The strain is gone but the still coldness travels

To a place down where the heat still revels

I want to stay, and be here said the breeze, for the rest of my life

Who will change the seasons then, roared the mighty sky?

And so, the breeze never stops even to rest Travelling around the world like a temporary guest

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