The Acquaintance

Image Courtesy - eberhard grossgasteiger on ‘Are you from this place,’ an old trembling voice, asked from behind, forcing Akash to turn around to find out if the question was meant for him. Akash’s eyes moved from staring at the bright artificial lights enveloping the small town in front, from the hill at least … Continue reading The Acquaintance

The Expected Surprise

Expected Surprise Photo Credit - Taryn Elliott on ‘I can’t believe we are meeting after 6 years,’ her face broke into a large grin as she spoke. He nodded his head, smiling, and continued staring at her glowing face. ‘I always imagined meeting you, and every time, I thought about it, I felt it … Continue reading The Expected Surprise

A Little Life on the Edge

Image Credit - Ralph Burrows on The goosebumps stayed the longest for I could remember, stubbornly refusing to part their uninvited company anytime soon. The initial firm steps suddenly turned tentative as they reached closer to the gates. The wide smile now remained just a nervous parting of lips as I noticed a stranger … Continue reading A Little Life on the Edge