The Change

The Change

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The early morning breeze now feels warmer, the sun also turns up earlier than the usual time, the quilt till now making one cosy and lethargic has begun to lose its charm as the season began showing its inclination to go for a change.

The usual chill in the air subsided, allowing the warmth of the sun to stay longer.

The trees too announced the change, carpeting the complete area with their freshly shed leaves, as the pedestrians crushed them as they went about on their morning walks.

The birds too got up early, the cuckoo sounding its alarm early as everyone slowly senses the changing weather around them.

The scent in the air too felt different as the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers and leaves filled the air with their enchanting exquisiteness. 

The honeybees suddenly find themselves spoilt for choice, indecisive on which ones to sit and which flowers to avoid. 

The slow departure of winter wear from the wardrobe finally reaches its conclusion with the arrival of Holi, the festival of colours, the time to officially welcome the new season while bidding adieu to the old.

I love the subtle change of aroma in the environment but also feel nostalgic for putting away the jackets and the woollens till now, giving me unrestricted company everywhere without fail, willingly facing the chilling winds and the cold breeze as I walk through the country roads.

They too, however, will have their time soon when the weather takes another turn; there is a long wait for that to happen, though.

The varying colours of the sky, the trees, and the flowers, keep reminding us of the constant and subtle change we all are going through, without being consciously aware of it.  The gradual arrival of a new season, the parting of the old, the steady turning of the new into something familiar before becoming old and ready to part ways and forcing us to get ourselves ready to welcome something new again.

Nature is a constant reminder of change; of a need to continue reinventing ourselves, of everything turning old from new over time as the cycle repeats itself endlessly. 

It is also nature’s way to keep pushing us into something unfamiliar and unexplored as we try to make it familiar and known.

The little bird peeking from the tree cavity finds her attention absorbed by the worm pulling itself out of the muck, flapping its small wings, the bird’s nostrils suddenly feel the fresh scent of the air as it launches herself towards the sumptuous breakfast, to feed its little ones who have been niggling her constantly for a long time.

My eyes too followed her flight as she flew towards the ground before curving up back in the sky and into its little house, responding to the wild and aggressive calling of the little ones, jumping over each other to get to their mother as she assertively breaks off the food into small nibbles to let them eat.

Nature refuses to surprise us but sometimes other things surprise us even more like a mother, who remains the same, no matter whether she’s in the form of a bird or a human.

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