Keep Faith

Keep Faith

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The black clouds gathered carelessly up the sky blocking every inch of the light, forcing the earth and its inhabitants into utter darkness.  The sun used all its might, trying to light up its favourite planet, as hopeful eyes stared above, waiting for the sun to sweep away, what had suddenly turned into an everlasting gloom, from their life.

The clouds, though stubborn, refused to comply, blocking every attempt of the sun to let its light reach down and bring a smile on the fatigued faces.

The wind too soon picked up the pace, metsmorphosing into storm, as the murky despair soon turned into a squally affair, ready to blow away everyone and everything with it to leave nothing but misery and anguish for whosoever are left.

The hope in the eyes soon turned into a never-ending prayer as the lips moved constantly with a wish to be able to see the light, putting an end to what appeared like an everlasting storm of desperateness.

‘We are all doomed,’ suddenly the voice from inside shouted, reverberating in every ear and forcing every soul to give up.

‘Will it all end like this,’ another voice managing to express itself yearned for someone to reject its obvious inference.

‘Just hold on, we will make it for sure,’ an optimistic soul suddenly appeared out of nowhere, pleading for people to keep faith and patience.

‘This too shall pass,’ the voice repeated, hoping to salve the broken, tired, and wounded souls.

‘But the storm isn’t giving up, picking even more strength with every passing second,’ another voice tried putting a mirror of reality to the one with sanguinity.

‘I know, and it is when it is at its peak, that it begins to slow down,’ the voice, however, answered calmly with the countenance of a yogi.

‘Don’t feed mere words of positivity, when what I only see is destruction and wretchedness, all around,’ the realist tried punching holes in the optimist.

‘I am not,’

‘I am only stating a fact,’ the voice replied with the tranquillity of a still mountain again.

‘Look up,’ suddenly someone shouted.

The black clouds unable to keep up with the piercing sunlight, finally started withering away; the ray of light finally forced itself out of the thick cloud cover, illuminating a small part of the planet as the people began praying even more fervently, hoping for things to finally turn better.

‘It’s a false sense of security,’ the pessimist tried warning everyone around as all the eyes now stared at the optimist.

‘At least we both are moving towards the same place now,’ the calm voice spoke again, pleased even the pessimist was speaking about security.

The black clouds gradually began to clear up as the light finally forced its way through them, lighting up the dark earth and germinating seeds of hope in the suffering souls.

‘The clouds will soon gather again,’ the pessimist continued warning, its voice though now turning weaker as it started fading in the background.

‘Keep faith,’ the peaceful voice appealed to everyone.

‘Keep faith even when its dark all around’

‘Keep faith even when every part of the body yearns to give up’

‘Keep faith when you are down and losing control’

‘Keep faith when things are against us’

‘Keep faith when the mind advises against it’

‘Keep faith when you don’t have any reason to believe’

‘Keep faith when you think you have lost’

‘Keep faith, for this belief will never let you down,’

‘Keep faith, for this too shall pass.’

I pray and hope for you and your loved ones to stay safe and in good health.’ Keep faith, for we will all overcome this together and stronger!

19 thoughts on “Keep Faith

  1. Wonderful…hope this shall pass soon without destruction and once this pass we all should pledge to be more kind, humane and definitely plant more trees so that oxygen is never in scarcity in future

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  2. Hi Deepak, the Bible says in this life you will have tribulations but be of good cheer I have overcome world ( John 16:33 ) Jesus, the Savior of the world says this, Faith in Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins will bring the peace you and your kind friends are searching for.
    respectfully yours, Dave


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