Winter Morning

Winter Morning

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The sun looked appetizingly delicious on an early January morning, rising in a clear sky amidst the music of the birds; the cool breeze blew softly across the vast open fields, dotted with huge trees, the small and the large leaves dancing shyly and tentatively while waiting for the orange disc of light to get even brighter, and warm up the usual frigid day of yet another chilly winter.

The two eyes stared at the sun from an old window; the misted windowpanes blocked the unrestricted view of the gorgeously beautiful appearance of the sun set against a roseate background.

The cuckoo carried on with its job, putting in a strenuous effort to wake up every sleeping soul, admonishing them to witness the ravishing beauty of nature, soak up the sun, and begin this glorious new day with a loud smile on the face.

The man labouring to water the dry fields looked up, to be quickly rewarded with an opportunity to witness the ephemeral but glorious beauty of the sun; a sight he knew won’t last too long, as it will continue to get bigger and warmer, halting any attempt of even a transitory glance at his magnificence later.

The soiled hands placed the tools aside as he made a mental note of cleaning them after his eyes and soul have absorbed enough of this engrossing sight; of the stunning sun, as it grew from being a toddler to an adolescent before turning into an adult and illuminate every nook and corner of this planet, before finally disappearing in the west.

His eyes stared continuously, noticing the unseen movement of the light inside its radiating perimeter, flowing from the left to the right, as if it is one big jar filled with fresh jelly and swaying in its own movement.

‘What’s the matter,’ a voice suddenly snapped the trance as the two eyes till now admiring the beauty of a beautiful winter morning, reluctantly turned towards the source of that sound.

A quick stare and he returned the gaze to the sun again, unwilling to miss any moment of the soft glitter as it continued to get larger, occupying a much bigger ‘space on the space’ now.

The one announcing his arrival and breaking his moment with the sun, too, stared with him now, unable to stop from admiring the ravishing sight, of gazing at the object responsible for every form of life on this green watery planet.

The fleeting moments of solitude with the sparkling star re-energized the numb bodies as they now felt a sudden wave of fresh energy filling up their tired and lazy spirits as they looked forward to the rest of the day with renewed vigour and excitement.

The little bird chirped loudly as if competing with the loud whistle of the train meandering through the woods, far from where she sat comfortably, but still close enough to register its presence with its loud sound as it carried people to their destination.

The two puppies finally emerged from the warmth of their mother’s embrace as they begin to play with each other, mockingly biting and running around while welcoming another new day of their life.

The otherwise still and freezing branches of the tree suddenly felt life as the sunlight infused them with a fresh dose of energy, pushing them out of their slumber, and inviting them to welcome yet another day with rejuvenated liveliness and excitement.

The sun slowly began to climb up, carrying on with it the gradual journey up above the sky taking its own time; the ones who woke up, also followed, as the it leisurely completed; what we see as its circumambulation around the earth, before picking up a place on the opposite side of our planet, towards the west, before retreating suddenly on its sojourn into the oblivion, but making a promise to return soon, while handing over some of his duties to the moon.

The moon now began to work hard; making do with the borrowed energy and putting in its best efforts to brighten up the otherwise long dark nights of the winters.

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