Let Go

LET GOImage Credit - Loc Dang on Pexels.com (A little weird expression of thoughts, please bear) The sunlight filtered through the white powdery cirrus before getting trapped in the thick foliage of the large tree, and finally making their way to the earth; a journey of a little over 150 million kilometres and ending in … Continue reading Let Go

The Nature

The NatureImage Courtesy - Rifqi Ramadhan on Pexels.com The tranquil silence of the forest gradually calmed the agitating mind as the otherwise quick steps slowly turned steady, moving quietly, as if trying to feel the force of every footstep as it fell on the dry rustling leaves, making a soft crashing sound. Some leaves still … Continue reading The Nature


Muffin Image Credit - Ela Haney on Pexels.com His eyes remained evasive, picking a fleeting glimpse whenever she pretended to look elsewhere. Trembling hands vulnerably rested on the legs ducked under the table.  Talking on the phone is so much easier; his mind suddenly raced back to the comfort of distant conversations, which suddenly felt … Continue reading Muffin