Let Go

Image Credit – Loc Dang on Pexels.com

(A little weird expression of thoughts, please bear)

The sunlight filtered through the white powdery cirrus before getting trapped in the thick foliage of the large tree, and finally making their way to the earth; a journey of a little over 150 million kilometres and ending in close to 8 and a half minutes, before the next ray of light and billions and trillions of photons make a beeline to reach earth besides lighting up similar other places in the solar system and maybe beyond.

The ephemeral life of the sunlight, though, may not be as short-lived when observed from the timeline of its formation, and before many of the green leaves absorb it to help sustain life on our planet.

The mass of gases, especially hydrogen having accumulated over billions of years, undergoes nuclear fusion and only some of the energy manages to escape through the core and ultimately the sun’s outer surface to begin the lonely journey, with no inkling of where it might end up; the destinations could be any of the other planets; Mercury, the closest or maybe Neptune, sitting (though actually revolving) in one far extreme corner of the solar system.

Everything in this universe is there to serve a particular purpose; the sun and the sunlight, the other planets whose position, if altered by even a few degrees, could bring about enormously astonishing changes on our planet as well as on others, and this current positioning if altered even by the slightest degree, may probably have even led to a completely different kind of life populating it instead of what we are witnessing now.

And life, oh, it can be as ephemeral as the sunlight or maybe as perpetual as the energy of the sun, constantly changing forms, but continuing to survive in one or the other way in this vast universe.

The sunlight may not have the consciousness we associate with life forms, like us; but it is only us who know about the impermanence of our existence; never realizing how this transience is not of life but just one form, as what we refer to as death, is after all the nature’s way of maintaining a balance, and to ensure energy undergoes this compulsory transformation before it could emerge in a new form.

How many times we hear about the fleetingness of our existence, and the importance of letting go; trying to establish the authority of change which is the ‘only constant’, whether here on earth or in any other part of this universe.

The mind, however rational and objective it may sound most of the time, refuses to accept the reality of its transitoriness; it refuses to accept or believe in it, no matter how deeply the truth is entrenched in its conscience, and continues to let the physical body live in this illusion of immortality and perpetuity of life.

The illusion serves its purpose well, as the mind, could control everything with impunity then, letting all its senses feed on the deceitful web it creates around our consciousness, not letting our soul and consciousness take the supremacy it right now enjoys, and to ensure the human body remained trapped in this state, which ideally should always strive to get rid of.

Most of us enjoy this short-lived feast, unaware of the reason of our existence and unwilling to make an effort to explore it; naively playing along in this game, which may appear fair on the surface but is entirely controlled and orchestrated by our brain to espouse its selfish objectives.

And by the time we become aware; our attachment with this world, the relationships we felt ‘we’ created, prevent us from seeing who we really are.

What are we?

Probably, only a passing a ball of energy, and someone who wasted all its time on an activity which was best avoided, leading to an unnecessary delay in meeting our goal; of reaching our destination which awaited us, but we got so much attached with the illusion, with the journey, that we forgot the real reason of why we are here; not realizing, it is just a temporary halt, not the destination; and we need to carry on, if we want to realize and get onto the path of the true journey then, we also need to learn to;

‘Let go’

16 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. Deep Deep spirituality 👌👌 such well articulated .. वो कहते हैं ना जिस दिन अनहद नाद सुनाई दे वही वहीं से शुरुआत है सत्य की 🙂

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