The Bird and the Magic

The Bird and The Magic

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The bird hopping from one branch to another started feeling discomfort after repeating it on almost every bough of that large tree. 

The sunlight falling directly on top of the tree made for a gorgeous sight, and the bird enjoyed the early morning sunbath while inspecting the entire place.

The scent of fresh leaves and flowers permeated the air, as the little avian began exploring the fresh buds; she checked them with her sharp beak before pulling out the nectar and gulping it down her throat.

The short rendezvous with the sun and the shoots suddenly ended as a stone suddenly hit her; oblivious to the unexpected attack, and unable to dodge it, she fell on the ground immediately.

Her eye got severely damaged, and the feathers turned stiff while the body kissed the ground with a loud thud.

‘That’s our lunch for today,’ a voice announced with a smile.  The pleasure of hunting a bird with just his first throw made him a star in front of his friends.

The three of the boys now walked towards the river to catch some fish.

‘Hope our luck remains as good as it has been till now,’ said one boy.

‘It will don’t you worry,’ the boy who had hit the bird replied haughtily.

The three pairs of feet slowly immersed deeper in water. 

‘Be still,’ the bird hunter announced as silence befell the place.

‘I will show you how to catch a fish with bare hands,’ he muttered as his hands moved swiftly inside the water.

Noticing some movement behind the stone inside the water, he was sure a fish must hide there.

With one quick jerk of his hand, he dipped inside and pulled the hidden creature outside; the sudden movement though put him off balance, and he realized being bit on the eyes.

He had pulled out a snake, who was hiding behind the stones, waiting for small fishes when the young hunter suddenly caught hold of him.

‘Take him home quickly,’ everyone shouted in unison as they ran out of the river.

They couldn’t move too far, however, as the poison soon began showing its effects; the limping body of the hunter crashed to the ground with a loud thud.’

And, as he fell down, the lifeless bird, too, slipped out of his shorts pocket.

The two now lay next to each other.

One boy quickly picked up the bird and slid it inside his pocket as the villagers started pouring in; they all knew the sorcerer could cure the child with his magical powers.

‘Get me the head and blood of at least three birds,’ announced the wizard, as people scampered inside the forest to follow his command. 

The kid with the dead bird in his pocket and others too followed, hoping to catch a few more before they all return for the feast in the evening.

18 thoughts on “The Bird and the Magic

  1. A bird, a boy, and a tale of action and reaction.
    I like how you convey the the shameless wants of individuals in this story.
    One man’s loss is another man’s gain.
    A vicious cycle without any ending.
    Great writing, Deepak. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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