The Fantasy

The Fantasy

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The wet cobblestones clumsily reflected the light cutting through the tiny droplets of the soft drizzle before hitting her wide eyes from the streetlamps, in the soft summer evening of a remote town in Europe; she stood there waiting; her new blue umbrella shone proudly as she leaned to touch and suddenly felt the awkward wetness of the metal pillar bearing the entire shed on its shoulders.

“He doesn’t get this late,” she murmured as her blinking eyes stared at the long-empty path, prompting an abrupt reply from her heart.

“He will be here soon,” she moved her lips slowly, mimicking her thoughts as the twinkle in the eyes grew brighter.

He was visible faintly at a long distance; scared he might catch her staring for him, she quickly turned her head on the wet ground beneath her feet. 

And suddenly, her bright blue eyes and pale face turned pink anticipating his touch.

The horse tip-toeing till now stood still; he pulled his hat for a swift bow before nodding his head even as she feigned ignorance and surprise at his appearance.

“Can I drop you home,” he asked in his deep baritone slowly.

Turning around, she stared at him before shifting her gaze at the horse and couldn’t resist offering a suppressed smile; extending her slender hand as her flowing gown turned damp, brushing against the wet floor, she gestured her intention.

The gentleman elegantly picked her up and placed them on the saddle in front before tapping the beast softly to resume their travel.

She looked straight, as a loud noise suddenly forced her to look around.

“Next station is Preston Street,” the loud announcement, suddenly forced the young lady to break her blank stare bringing a premature end to her daydream as she got up reluctantly.

With a loud blare of the horn and amidst the humdrum of a busy station, she got down expeditiously, buttoning her long overcoat and letting out a loud long sigh before glancing at the departing train once, she then continued walking in the opposite direction.

“Excuse me, Excuse me…,” a man shouted, following her, as she stopped and turned around.

“You left your book on the seat,” he announced hastily, still gasping for breath.

A smile and expressions of gratitude covered her face as she nodded and walked towards the man, to take back her belonging.

“Thank you so much,” she whispered with squinted eyes still surprised with the sudden helping act of a complete stranger.

“You too work here,” she asked, more out of politeness than to enquire as her shaking feet reflected her mind’s vacillation on if she should stay and risk getting late or continue her long walk back to the office.

He just nodded his head as she smiled and turned around, unsure if this was the right thing to do.

The breeze suddenly turned balmy as he ran after her, placing his arms around her shoulder, he held her hands as she rested her head on his chest.

They walked like that amidst the tall trees flanking the heavenly path and shedding autumn leaves and flowers.

“You want to get in,” a voice shouted from behind as he turned around.

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered, his eyes however couldn’t resist glancing once more to where she was walking towards before disappearing himself in the sea of another morning crowd.

As he walked inside, he noticed a boy, staring out the window, and bobbing his head softly.

“The world just won’t stop dreaming,” he murmured inside his head.

A smile suddenly hijacked his long face as he slowly walked towards his favourite spot; the place in the middle of the two coaches.

A pretty smile soon greeted him as he now stood right opposite her; the two intermittently locked and broke eye contact as the train picked up speed.

It was a long journey……

8 thoughts on “The Fantasy

  1. Life’s long journey which is incomplete without the limitless daydreaming. I love how you convey this in the story. And the ones who come and go, some stay a little while others longer. It’s all about moving ahead while crossing paths with so many. I enjoy a good daydream too. Nice one, Deepak. 🙂

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