The Inner Voice – Trailer of “The Kashmir Files” (Movie on Genocide of Kasmiri Pandits)

The Inner Voice – The Kashmir Files – Movie

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How can life be so brutal, so heartless, utterly vengeful, only concerned about establishing its superiority by executing someone else to death, taking away the right of someone to perform its karma, to let it express itself, to let it understand the reason for its existence, comprehend why the earth exists and why the spirit has taken this human form.

Constant poisoning of mind with extremist thoughts and a false belief of religious superiority, a belief that sows the germs of vendetta, strengthening hatred for differences instead of promoting them and encouraging to embrace them.

The result is what we see all around us.  The wars and killings we witness don’t happen suddenly. 

History is replete with such events, and the present events they unfold right now with violence all around us, cannot and absolutely aren’t isolated events; they all have their roots steeped in planned hatred espoused strategically using resources from the innocents and then pushing them into it, while sitting afar and enjoying the dance of death, for what, to save their fiefdoms, which mostly are either ephemeral or imaginary.

We die here, nothing goes with us but when we kill or even think of killing, harming, or even trying to put someone in danger, we aren’t doing it to that person, we are doing it to ourselves, and the karma strikes back; if not immediately, then later and that’s what we see happening with a lot of societies around us, albeit in different forms.

The fire which enhances the taste of food also has the ability to engulf our cosy shelter and us, if it’s uncontrolled, and the diplomacy, which is nothing but a euphemism for hypocrisy fails to save anyone, the perpetrator and of course the victims.

The trailer of this movie “The Kashmir files” is not only heart-wrenching but also a grim reminder of how polluted thoughts and minds can wreak havoc on sane societies and the hollow silence of the people observing it does only one thing – encourage these elements to indulge in such acts with even more brazenness.

Till the time we as human beings continue to glorify our distorted extremism as beliefs and continue to establish them as being superior to those of others, there is no end to what’s happening around us.

Religion is too powerful, much more than what we can imagine, and even the most ancient of civilizations have borne the brunt of these lunatics who pushed it down the path which led to death, destruction, with an even stronger grip on their minds, turning people into senseless and merciless zombies.

The people who brought such a horrific tragedy on Kashmiri pandits are still free, they do not probably even carry the guilt of their acts, they feel they did the right thing.  But, even more, dangerous are the ones who try to justify such acts.  Be it the media or the politicians or the so-called civil (thought entirely uncivil) society.

Even now we still don’t hear the acceptance of guilt but a shameless rebuttal about it being a politically orchestrated propaganda of the right-wing.  Till, the time these violent vultures (masquerading as activists including Amnesty and all sorts of evil-sounding names) don’t understand the gravity of crimes, and the perpetrators don’t feel the guilt, nobody could guarantee the non-recurrence of such heinous crimes.

10 thoughts on “The Inner Voice – Trailer of “The Kashmir Files” (Movie on Genocide of Kasmiri Pandits)

    • Even though i hope your words don’t turn out to be true, but i agree, the prospects are grim for peaceful existence of human society. We are divided so deeply by race, country, religion, language, habits that it does look impossible. Lets hope the differences are embraced and things can get better!

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  1. The greed for power and supremacy is what turns humans into monsters. There is no logic, no compassion, no feeling, simply stupid and stubborn ideologies that can only destroy and wreak havoc. What is so great about oppressing the ones who can be oppressed? How about trying to do the same to someone of equal standing and strength? I guess these cowards would never attempt it. Thanks for this moving post, Deepak. 🙂

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    • I agree, an even bigger tragedy was the eerie silence of everyone and the inability to stand up for and with the truth. Probably this is what encourages the perpetrators even more. Hope we don’t get to see such grotesque scenes of hopelessness again!

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