Why I began writing?

Why should you subscribe to my page?

Whats special about, what I write.

To answer the last one, nothing much.

The first two though are provocative enough for me to respond.

I began writing at a young age, enamored by a desire to express myself using words, the inspiration though lost its sway somewhere in the middle.

And just as with most pent up emotions, it too rebounded strongly, pulling me once more to begin doing something I truly crave.  One thing I promised when I finally resolved to write again was to never write if it does not come naturally to me and if I do not believe in it myself.

Why should you subscribe to my page, one reason – I will always make an honest effort to make the content interesting, informative and relatable .

Short stories, concise articles on trekking and traveling with a dash of psychological hacks is what I will be focusing on.

You can explore and discover why and how we get into, start, change and replace Habits.  This place is my laboratory and I invite you to watch and perform these experiments with me.

I look forward to connecting with as many souls as possible, if you would like to share something here, I will be more than happy to oblige.


That’s me, third from left on my way to Rupin Pass – Himachal Pradesh, India.

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