Springsteen Vs Denver

Country Roads, Take Me Home! Image Credit - Pixabay on Pexels.com The 40-kilometre ride involved 30 kilometres of forest road.  The narrow asphalt filled path was flanked by gigantic trees, unwilling to allow any sun even on the road. The freeway however suddenly turned popular with people who wished to learn to drive. Too many cars … Continue reading Springsteen Vs Denver

10 Dollars

Image Credit - Natasha Chebanoo on Pexels.com With bulging pockets and a fat purse, his feet tapped the floor with musical rhythm.  Everything seemed cheap and affordable. The eyes reluctant to even glance at the expensive store in the mall were now searching for it. The sprightly feet excited to reach there quickly. The gates … Continue reading 10 Dollars

The Needle

Image Credit - Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com The Needle Hospital scent overwhelmed his nostrils as he waited for his turn.  A scratch from a rusted surface forced the blood dripping out of his forearms, leading to this unpleasant visit. After enduring a 15 minutes wait, he was called inside.  Even though on the verge of … Continue reading The Needle

Mrs Springle’s Speech

Image Credit - Skitterphoto on Pexels.com The room was full, but the loneliness of her heart reflected in her tightly pursed lips, hands folded on the chest. She was the first speaker for the day. She sat behind the long-decorated table with soft muslin table cloth and fresh flowers in a ceramic vase, water bottles … Continue reading Mrs Springle’s Speech

The Chocolate

Pexels.com The unrelenting Mumbai rains were deluging the entire city forcing a majority of people to revisit their plans of a night out.  Being Sunday, a lot of people were used to visiting the mall and spending the evening with their loved ones watching movies and shopping. Their plans though looked like on the verge … Continue reading The Chocolate

One night in a Train

The loud whistle of the train signalled its imminent desire to leave the platform.  The relatives and friends who came over to drop their loved ones begin bidding their final good byes. The one’s having to leave, started running towards the door and just then a middle-aged man in his 40’s hurriedly latched onto the … Continue reading One night in a Train

Life in a Metro – Stealing A Glance

He was in a hurry and ran down the metro stairs ignoring the loud clomping of his feet each time they made contact with the tough concrete floor.  Not able to catch the 8:50 train will mean a third late in office leading to half a day of leave deduction.  He ran like a maniac, … Continue reading Life in a Metro – Stealing A Glance

The Perfect Husband and an Imperfect Lizard

‘Anirudh, where are you’ Aditi shouted. The lockdown suddenly provided Anirudh with a golden opportunity to finish off ‘Game of Thrones’.  Tired of escaping discussions related to the series, while everyone in office would talk about it with the zeal of a teenager who finally kissed for the first time combined with the seriousness of … Continue reading The Perfect Husband and an Imperfect Lizard

Once, on a trek in the Himalayas

It is 5 a.m in the morning and forcing oneself to come out of the sleeping bag at this time is always THE most difficult thing to do in an early morning trek.  It was freezing outside with less than -5 degrees and everyone had to use the torch light to ensure they are putting … Continue reading Once, on a trek in the Himalayas

Emotional Aphasia – A short story

SHORT STORY – EMOTIONAL APHASIA Most of the incidents happening in our life seemed to occur when we are on the go and don't anticipate them.  Incidents which could leave us emotionally aphasic for a long time.  The memories just don't fade away but just sit still in one small corner of our heart or … Continue reading Emotional Aphasia – A short story