The Challenge

The ChallengePhoto Courtesy - Tomu00e1u0161 Malu00edk on The night was long and tiring.  The exhausted eyes refused to open up even though the sun was hitting his face directly. The worn-out legs were unwilling to budge and bruised hands stayed close to the body as his mind felt helpless as the body pleaded for … Continue reading The Challenge

The Truth

The TruthImage Courtesy - Bhavesh Jain on The ghat decked with light, holy music, and intermittent and melodious blowing of the conch shell was inviting people to witness the worshipping of the divine Ganges; the holy mother, for the daily ritual of offering prayers on her banks. Children and adults, men and women, old … Continue reading The Truth

The Bird and the Magic

The Bird and The MagicImage Courtesy - Sam Willis on The bird hopping from one branch to another started feeling discomfort after repeating it on almost every bough of that large tree.  The sunlight falling directly on top of the tree made for a gorgeous sight, and the bird enjoyed the early morning sunbath … Continue reading The Bird and the Magic

The Homecoming

The Ride Back HomeImage Courtesy - Sanjeev Kumar on The eyes couldn’t keep the excitement within, shouting out loud, informing everyone of their eagerness to see what they missed for 10 years.  The head leapt out of the windows repeatedly, while the lungs showed a keen desire to take in as much air as … Continue reading The Homecoming

The Nature

The NatureImage Courtesy - Rifqi Ramadhan on The tranquil silence of the forest gradually calmed the agitating mind as the otherwise quick steps slowly turned steady, moving quietly, as if trying to feel the force of every footstep as it fell on the dry rustling leaves, making a soft crashing sound. Some leaves still … Continue reading The Nature

The Climb

The Climb Image Courtesy - rodrigo-946337 The arms turned steady, but the legs continued to tremble; 40 feet ascent wasn’t a cakewalk; a quick surge of adrenaline, however, ensured two hours of struggle bore some fruit even as the entire body bathed in an unbridled shower of endorphins. With this victory, howsoever, small, firmly within … Continue reading The Climb

Winter Morning

Winter Morning Image Courtesy - Jill Burrow on The sun looked appetizingly delicious on an early January morning, rising in a clear sky amidst the music of the birds; the cool breeze blew softly across the vast open fields, dotted with huge trees, the small and the large leaves dancing shyly and tentatively while … Continue reading Winter Morning

Trek from Dehradun to Mussoorie – The Hidden Gem in a City Fast Losing its Identity

Mussoorie This one is sure to stir nostalgia in people who have lived in or around Dehradun just as it triggered a longing inside me to be on this trail again when the thought of writing about my experience of being there about 2 years back struck my mind. Dehradun to Mussoorie is an hour’s … Continue reading Trek from Dehradun to Mussoorie – The Hidden Gem in a City Fast Losing its Identity

My First Experience of White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

  The place I call home is hardly 20 Kms from Rishikesh and I waited till 2010 to go for my first rafting trip, that too with friends from office.  The experience though stayed strong not be replaced even by the subsequent 5-6 trips I went on post the first one. We travelled from Delhi … Continue reading My First Experience of White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

What Triggers Nostalgia – Story of Me & the Fruit Orchard

What images strike your mind when you think about your childhood?  Do you miss the fun at school, the goofy behaviour with your siblings and cousins or the lazy mornings during summers?  We all have our favorite moments of childhood that stir up as we come across old pictures, songs, movies or even advertisements on … Continue reading What Triggers Nostalgia – Story of Me & the Fruit Orchard

Trek to Deoriataal, Chopta and Tungnath

Trip to Deoriataal, Chopta and Tungnath can be put into that category which in scientific terms is referred to as serendipity.  We friends were thinking of going out someplace and almost everyone wasn’t too keen on trekking except me who has been bitten by the trekking bug for quite long now.  In fact the day … Continue reading Trek to Deoriataal, Chopta and Tungnath