The Change

The Change Image Credit - le vy on The early morning breeze now feels warmer, the sun also turns up earlier than the usual time, the quilt till now making one cosy and lethargic has begun to lose its charm as the season began showing its inclination to go for a change. The usual … Continue reading The Change

The First Day

Image Courtesy - Andy Kuzma on The eyes overwhelmed, ambivalent, and reluctant to decide between letting the water flow out of its control or keeping it inside even though the face beamed with unusual anxious excitement.  The finger wanted to hold on to the little one longer while the mind commanded to let it … Continue reading The First Day

One Thing, You Would Like to Improve About Yourself

Let me start with the story of Svetaketu.  He went to a gurukul (Vedic school system) and after finishing his studies, returned home.  His father though was not happy with his arrogance after his return and ordered him to go back and learn what ‘could not be learnt’.  Svetaketu surprised, decided to go back and … Continue reading One Thing, You Would Like to Improve About Yourself