Familiar Friend

FAMILIAR FRIENDImage Courtesy - kendra coupland on Pexels.com The feet moved swiftly in the air, a loud sigh and an acrobatic sway landed him straight in front of the Tiger, in an upside-down position; this wasn’t new to him; he now stared at the beast’s upper palate, who too stared back with a tilted head … Continue reading Familiar Friend

The Last Wish

The Last WishImage Credit - Loonie Loveloonies on Pexels.com The motorcycle was keeping pace with the increasing intensity of the downpour; the small drops of the drizzle tingling the face till now, have suddenly turned aggressive, beginning to slap the cheeks harder, even preventing the eyes from keeping open. The hands, however, continued pushing the … Continue reading The Last Wish

The Inner Voice – Trailer of “The Kashmir Files” (Movie on Genocide of Kasmiri Pandits)

The Inner Voice - The Kashmir Files - MovieImage Courtesy - Shahid Sultan on Pexels.com How can life be so brutal, so heartless, utterly vengeful, only concerned about establishing its superiority by executing someone else to death, taking away the right of someone to perform its karma, to let it express itself, to let it … Continue reading The Inner Voice – Trailer of “The Kashmir Files” (Movie on Genocide of Kasmiri Pandits)


SILENCE Image Courtesy - Loc Dang on Pexels.com Countless thoughts whispered in the head, all at the same time; denying the mind even one solitary ‘moment’ to reflect. For a moment, he felt sitting amidst the company of a crowd of toddlers, all vying for his attention while he struggled to comprehend whatever they were … Continue reading Silence

The Busy City

The Busy CityImage Courtesy - Enric Cruz Lu00f3pez on Pexels.com The mind was numb, the voice muffled reluctant to leave the throat, the silence broken by the occasional blaring of the deadly sirens of the ambulance, forcing the tentative feet back inside the room every time they move closer towards the door. The trees swaying … Continue reading The Busy City

The Festival

Image Courtesy - Ravi Kant on Pexels.com The vibrance of the impending festivities enveloped the entire village with renewed vigour and liveliness as people shopped, replaced the old with the new and looked forward to the beginning of a new season and welcoming the long-gone relatives back in the house.  The excitement of seeing the … Continue reading The Festival